5 Place Where Gravity Does Not Work


As we studied the Universal law of gravitation that any 2 bodies attract each other and this is what keeps us attached to the earth.

But there is some place where Law of gravity does not work. So here we bring the list of 5 place where Gravity does not seems to work. Let’s take a look:

1. Mystery Spot: Santa Cruz California

5 place where gravity does not work

Earth has many places where gravity does not seem to work and mystery spot is one of them. People called it as mystery spots due to many mysterious events happen at this place. It is a gravity hill.

Mystery spot share a basic presentation. If you are going to visit it then you will be taken into a special room where the strange phenomena will occur.

This place is discovered by George Prather, he sensed unexplained forces at work in 1940 on the three acres he bought from Leighton Newcomb.

Mystery spot is center of tourist after it found. Without any expert guides the mystery spot would be nothing so if you’re going to visit then goes with guide.

The magic of this place is hard to describe in text so if you want to experience it then you should visit it by yourself.

2. Cosmos mystery area

5 Place where gravity does not work

Have you stood on the wall and feel an unexplainable force?

Most of us thought that the earth is predictable, manageable but we are wrong there are some places where law of gravity seems to have gone completely. Cosmos mystery spot allow you to 30 minutes long tour of these berserk natural forces.

It’s happening because our brain attempt to orient themselves, we use horizontal and vertical cues of establishing up or down due to that our brain make some surprising mistakes like a cabin built on a 20-degree tilt.

More surprising thing is that when we put our body at an angle then we feel like we stand slanted identical cabins.

Cosmos mystery area is a place where you can change your height, stand on the wall and much more. Here you can feel that experience which you will not forget forever in your life.

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It is a place where science, mystery and comedy everything is collide.


The main fact is that house is tilted by giving visitor incorrect cues, they made the house on slope and make it difficult to see a horizon line or finally place altered object to make everything appear normal.

3. Saint Ignace Mystery spot

5 Place where gravity does not work

According to the story of St. Ignace mystery spot, in early of 1950 few scientists were exploring Michigan Upper Peninsula.

At one fine day they found none of the equipment was working properly and after that they realized the problem is occurred only in a circle which diameter is 300 feet. That’s how this mystery Spot was found.

After that many experienced that gravity does some strange thing like tall people appear to be shorter than they do outside of the spot. These some odd physical sensations attract more people and coming back more.

To capitalize the tourist attraction the owners of this spot installed other attractions like now people take the guided tour on mystery spot, play miniature golf and take a ride down a zip line.

4. Magnetic Hill

5 Place where gravity does not work

Magnetic Hill is located near to Leh in Ladakh, India, it is also known as the name of Gravity Hill. Magnetic hill produce the optical illusion due to that very slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.

Due to the alignment of road or illusion cars are able to drift upwards. Some people claims natural or supernatural forces are at work. The important factor is that illusion is completely horizon, without a horizon judging the slope of surface is difficult.

Objects look like more or less perpendicular to the ground may actually be tilt. The Illusion of that place is similar to the Ames room in which ball can also appear to roll against gravity. Trees and walls on that place provide visual clues to the true vertical may be tilt slightly. Even sometimes river look like to flow against gravity.

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5. Spook Hill

5 Place where gravity does not work

Spook hill is a gravity hill, an optical illusion where cars appear to roll up the spooky hill in lake Wales. These types of places defy the law of science.

When you park at the bottom then it will roll up hill.

Spook hill get national or media attention when an article is publish on front page of the Wall Street Journal on October 25, 1990.

Spook hill is a unique place and recognized by the town. There is large sign on North Wales Drive those describe the effects of it and explaining “The Legned”.

We are curious to know any other place like this. Please share with us in the below comment section.

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