5 Cities That are Going to Disappear in Near Future


Next time when you are going to visit Venice, Mexico, San-Francisco, Timbuktu and another beautiful place then don’t forget to bring a smart and good camera with you because these cities are going to disappear soon.

1. Romantic Venice, Italy

5 cities that are going to disappear soon

Venice is the most romantic city around the world but the land of this beautiful city is sinking due to global climate change, the sea is rising. The pace of sinking has increased rapidly over 100 years with 24 centimeters of soil level.

Over 100 year ago St. Mark’s Square flooded around 10 times in the year but the figure is changed, now Venice has sunk by around 100 times in the same time. Scientist and Italian government working on plan to protect Venice but no one know will that work?

Venice has been first priority of the Italian government during 30 years. To solve this problem, over 100 scientists met in Cambridge in 2004. Under the MOSE project, Venice government have been dedicated several billion euro.

Many respected officer and Mayor were arrested on corruption charges involving MOSE. Scientist considers that this beautiful city will disappear in the upcoming 100 years. So when next time you go to visit this beautiful then do not forget to click pictures.

2. Mexico City

5 cities that are going to disappear soon

Mexico city is one the world largest city and began as home of an ancient empire. The population of mexico was 8,918,653 in 2015

Mexico built on the driMexicolake bed which does not provide a strong foundation due to that Mexico city is sinking into the ground. Mexico is a home of Diego Rivera murals, cathedrals, is literally sinking. The biggest problem of the city is in it in the base.

According to the government, Mexico city is sinking four inches per year but the biggest issue is that it sunk 10 meter in past sixty year. So, when you visit it next then be walk carefully.

3. San Francisco

5 cities that are going to disappear soon

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. This city is around 46 miles in area. It is the smallest country in the state.

Most people realize the earthquakes danger in San Francisco. According to the University of California there is 75% probability of earthquakes between 7.0 to 9.0 strong will occur by 2086. Many of people leaves this city due to higher magnitude earthquakes.

At one time this place has population around 500,00 but after that population shrunk down by around half. Again it raises but the demographics are still apart from pre-katrina.

Biggest problem is that here most of the buildings are tall and no such thing of earthquake-proof structure. In fact San Francisco population also shrinking.

4. Banjul Gambia

5 cities that are going to disappear soon

Banjul is city of Banjul and is the capital of the Gambia. The population of this city is 34,828. It is the smallest nation of Gambia but it may lose it capital due to combination of the rising ocean and erosion.

According to the scientist, Banjul will disappear in upcoming 100 year due to risk of going underwater as sea levels rise and the dangerous thing is that sea level rise by one meter as a result of climate change.

This city is main attraction of the tourism due to this economy would be critically affected. The government is trying to improve coastal defenses. But whether they can save the city or not is unknown.

5. Naples City

5 cities that are going to disappear soon

Naples is the third largest municipality in Italy and magnificent capital of the Italian region. The population of Naples was around 960,000 in 2012 with an urban area of about 3.5 million that makes it biggest metropolises on the Mediterranean Sea.

Naples is major cultural center with global sphere of influence. Visitors are treated to historically significant sites. According to the scientist this city will disappear in the coming 100 years due to the volcano that locates near to the Bay of Naples. So, it also called as the time-bomb.

It is expected that volcano do its damage in mid of 2000 before 70 year ago volcano destroyed Pompeii in 79 BC. It  putting the city and millions of people in the red zone.

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