5 Of the Creepiest Things in the Universe


Today the scientist have the biggest question about the universe, how our universe was built? What is the mystery behind it? How we overcome the problem arises in-universe?

There are number of thing in planet which could be the reason of End of the Earth. And today I am going to tell you about top 5 deadliest things in the universe.

Rogue Planet

Rogue planet- 5 Creepiest things in the universe

Rogue planets are one of the most deadly things in the universe which could be the reason of end of the earth in future; how I will tell you?

Rouge planet are those planets which doesn’t have any orbit, they don’t have any restriction about moving.

We only know about eight or nine planets but there are the number of planet present in the universe and these planets are called as Rogue Planet.

Rouge Planets are moving through the galaxy until they stop by something or strike with another planet.

According to the theory about these planets is booted from their orbit. But the main concerns are size of Rogue Planet.

Can you imagine that we are surrounded by hundreds of planet those size is something about Jupiter and these are moving independently in the universe? If any how the direction of these planet is change or strike with our planet then what happen?

The Red Giant

Sun The read Giant- 5 Creepiest things in the universe

Our Sun or the Red Giant could be that another reason behind End of the Earth. Our scientist believes that after thousands of year sun will eat up the earth.

Now a day’s most of the place is suffering from hot environment because the temperature is increasing day by day or in every summer season due to environmental pollution. It can raise a big problem in near future.

But do you know how sun produces that much amount of heat? Maybe you studied in your childhood. Let me explain:

The sequence of Energy in sun:

The core, where the energy is produced by hydrogen being converted into molecules of helium with the help of extreme pressure and temperature that exist in the core which is around 250 billion atmosphere and 15.7 Kelvin, respectively.

Due to fusion process in core sun produce heat. Fact is the 99% of the energy produced by the sun take place only 24% radius of the sun. By 30% of the radius fusion has stopped entirely.

And the rest of the sun is heated by the energy that is transformed from the core through successive layers. Source [The Universe Today]

According to the science in every second 600 million tons of matter are converted into energy.

As the time goes the matter is consumed more and more hydrogen will converted into helium due to that the core will continue to shrink and get move closer to the center.

The horrible thing is that as the time goes fusion process will increase and the output of the sun also increase.

Can you imagine?

Around 1.1 billion years from now the sun will 40% brighter as compare today. That means heat will increase and every drop of water permanently melt and vaporize in the atmosphere.

Around 5.4 billion years now the sun will enter in The Red Giant Phase where all hydrogen from sun will exhausted in the core and that will causing the sun will grow up in size and eat up the earth.

Rogue Black Holes

Black hole - 5 Creepiest things in the universe

Wikipedia says The Black Hole is zone of space-time exhibiting with such tremendous gravitational force that nothing will escape from inside it even is a whole planet. Black Holes called as invisible killer or one of deadliest thing in the universe.

Rouge Black Holes are those black holes which are moving free in universe without any restrictions or orbit.

Science categorized the Black Holes by its size like largest, smallest, super massive and micro.

Black Holes are moving in the universe with the speed of 900 million miles per hour. The main concern is that they can change their direction after combine with any another object.

According to the science there are thousands of invisible speedy black holes are moving in cosmos. Just think that if any of the black holes turned it direction up to our planet then what will happen?


Asteroid - 5 Creepiest things in the universe

Asteroids are small planets which are in the inner solar system. Those asteroids have large size is called as planetoids.

There are millions of asteroids which are moving around the sun as like earth or other planets.

There are many news came in recent that one giant object name WF9 somewhere between 0.3 to 0.6 miles in size probably strike with earth in 2016 but it did not happen that time.

In recent another news was came that one asteroid would be strike with earth in 2036. It is a small size asteroid but if it collides with earth and it will produce huge amount of energy that is one million times greater than an atom bomb and it sufficient to end up the life on earth. But luckily this theory gets failed and that asteroid passes out near to the earth in 2013.

A small asteroid would could not end earth but might be city or cause a tsunami. One asteroid would be the reason of end of the creature in huge amount.


supernovae - 5 Creepiest things in the universe

Everyone love night sky star but they might be another deadliest thing in the universe if two dying stars collide with each other then they create supernovae. This process happens in every 100 year and last supernovae seen from earth in 9 October 1604.

Most of the time this process is happening far away from earth but however, they have been some close calls.

During that process, the huge amount of gamma rays produce that is 1 million greater than the sun. And it can easily destroy our earth or every nearest planet.

If it happened near to our planet or orbit like in Hollywood movie that it enough to destroy our ozone layer and send deadly radiation to our earth.


To summarize I want to say that our universe is unpredictable. We don’t know that what will happen at the next moment? I tried to describe the Top 5 deadliest things in the universe but there many other deadliest things can be like alien attack, Galactic Collision, The Big Rip and The Big Freeze theory etc.

What do you think about the universe and about the end of the earth? Share your thoughts in below comments section.

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