5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe


Our universe is so vast and it is very difficult to know about its complexities. The diameter of the universe around 91 billion light years and the age of the universe is around 13.799±0.021 billion years.

After thousands of year, we still don’t know about, how it’s made, the formation of it like according to the scientist universe is made by atoms and energy but in recent, the new theory claimed that 5% of it made by atoms other parts is made by dark matter.

For many years our scientist trying to find the planet like earth but till now they didn’t get success, but in this process, they found some other interesting facts about the universe. So grab a cup of coffee and hold the table that beside you because you get to know some shocking facts about universe:

1. Coldest Star: We can Touch

5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe

In recent, an astronomer has found earth like planet during deep observation of space, it is not a planet but a star, you can also touch it. Its temperature around 27 deg Celsius that something like we in which we feels in summer days that’s the reason it named as the coldest star in the universe. The scientist called it WD 0806-661.

It is located about 62.6 +2.0/-1.9 light-years away from earth and it formed by dust or cloud that is similar to other stars in universe. According to the scientist, it is very small and you can only found by the telescope in the south-central part.

It temperature is too low due to its structure (made by dust or cloud), that is the reason it have less mass so it does not produce heat that much fast as other star do.

2. Smell of Universe

5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe

Many people assume that space doesn’t have any smell. But those astronauts who have gone in space they consistently claimed that space has an extraordinary peculiar door it smells like plastic-y.

When they went into the space station and removing their helmets, they get strong, distinctive whiff of the final pointer. Some scientist feels it smell like burned metal and some say it’s like smoke came from welding.  But the interesting thing is that the universe doesn’t have an environment so how they can feel smell in the universe.

Scientists are trying to solve the mystery, that how and from where this smell comes in the universe but till they didn’t get success. Hope they will get know about it in near future!!!

3. Distance from Earth to Universe

5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe

We are thousands of light years away from the universe so when we look to stars in the night of sky and gaze at star then we are actually experiencing how they look like in the past.

We are 25 light year away from the bright star Vega so that light we see left the star 25 year ago.

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4. Asteroids Might hit Earth in 2029

5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe

According to the astronomer, our earth would end in 2029 due to colliding of large asteroids called 99942 with the earth that wiping life out in 2029.

According to the recent data in near future asteroids will miss earth by around 35,000 kilometer. But according to the analysis of Apophis’ orbit it might swing back and so that it produce avalanches.

Scientist thought that asteroids as large as monolithic pieces of rock so how the little gravity cause it to go to pieces?

In 2029 astronomer might have last chance to get a close look at Apophis for a long time. On next time in 2036, 99942 Apophis is expected to get clos0065r than 36 million miles away.

5. Huge cistern of Water Discovered

5 Unbelievable and Shocking facts about Universe

Yes, it is true, water is everywhere in the universe. Strange isn’t?

A team of astronomer discovered a huge cistern of water in the universe that look from a distance of 30 billion light years away from the earth. The water is found in quasar that one of the brightest and violent objects in the cosmos.

The researcher had found the mass of water vapor that is around 150 trillion time of combined water all oceans in the world and 100,000 times more massive than the sun.

Quasar is far away from earth, so it light takes 12 billion years to reach earth. The environment around the quasar is unique and quite interesting, it producing the huge mass of water.

So here is some facts about our universe and galaxies, hope you enjoyed it!!!

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