5 Most Haunted College in the World


Most Haunted College Campus, we put the list of 5 most haunted college of the world that might help you to decide which campus not to attend. These college campus haunted by the horror that took place on their campus in the past and still haunted by ghosts, spirits, scary sounds.

1. Boston University, Boston U.S.A

5 most haunted college in the world

Boston is a private research university located in Boston, U.S.A. The university established in 1839 and now it has more than 3000 faculty and 33,000 students.

According to the history, Boston is a city full of ghost. In the Revolutionary war many lives were lost, those diets the richness of ghost stories floating around the city. After the story of a playwright, Euggene O’Neill Boston university is considered as the home of the ghost.

Neill the most famous and celebrated dramatists but after a series of the family problem, his life was not always favorable.

Neill lived and died on the 4th floor of BU Shelton hall which also a residential hotel. After the death of Neill BU consider as one of the most haunted university.

Many students of BU claimed that light of 4th floor is always dimmer and there elevator works automatically. Toilets of 4th floor flushed randomly for a particular period of time and whiteboard is always common area for people to share their paranormal and strange encounter.

In 2012 former residence manager of Shelton hall renamed Kilachand hall.

2. Ohio University: Athens, U.S.

5 most haunted college in the world

Ohio University is a big public research university in Athens, Ohio, United States. The university was established in 1787 and approved in 1804. It is one of the American oldest university, it is also called as American university.

Ohio University is considered as one of the most haunted schools in the world due to death of the student in room 428 which also featured on FOX network “Scariest Place on Earth”.

One night, a girl who lived in room 428 starting behaving strangely, chanting and singing in a different and strange way.

Her roommate and friend get sacred, wants to get help but before they returned she jumped out of the window. After that night Perkins Hall, Washington Hall and Jefferson Hall are also rumored to be haunted.

After that student feels an array of scary phenomena. Many students claimed that in the alone room they heard the sound of her footsteps. Some other times, the objects would fly across the room and crack against the walls.

Wilson hall stand in the center of 5 prominent cemeteries. The interesting thing is that when you connect these sites with a market on map, they form a pentagram. Pentagram symbolizes the 5 elements of GOD and Goddess of Wicca religion.

In another story, Wilson Hall rests on the cemetery and everyone seems to agree that the hostel over a cemetery.

3. Hollins University, Virginia, U.S.

5 most haunted college in the world

Hollins University is the private institution of higher education, which is located on the border of Roanoke in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is one of the oldest higher education universities for women which established in 1842.

According to the Hollins University 2012 guidebooks, the number of stories floating in the campus and most of them is concerning ghosts. According to publication, almost every building is more than a century old.

The most famous and haunted stories around there is a story of the girl who began the relationship with her piano teacher and later murdered during the training season.

After many students considered that the spirit of that girl haunts the buildings in dark and strange figure visible in a window.

The spirit still reside in main building meanwhile, is the green drawing room where the girl was murdered.

4. Wells College, Aurora, New York

5 most haunted college in the world

Wells College is private art college located in Aurora, New York, on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake which established in 1868 and it is considered Cornell University sister school. This college is a part of Aurora village and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1990’s, the most lasting tales of supernatural were recorded and added to the list of New York school stories but during the shoot building caught fire. That time MAX the security guard who take action and try to get everyone out of building from fire. Due to his brave efforts everyone made it out of the building but unfortunately he did not.

Many students considered that the security guard spirit is still there and haunt the building.  After some times in Morgan Hall a lady claimed the security guard back to her hostel. Even she could turn her head he had arrived.

The main building was used as temporary morgue. The door was closed with warning not to enter and also colored with red paint but after some time the red managed to bleed through. It reminds people of what happened there.

It is rumored that the main building is the home of students who suffered ultimately deaths by fire.

5. Fordham University, New York

5 most haunted college in the world

Fordham University is a private independent research university located in New York City. It is the oldest Catholic institution of higher education which established in 1841.

If you first time visit the Fordham University then most of the buildings looks scary similar to the haunted mansion and you will feel scary when you step inside them.

Keating hall is considered as the most haunted hall.

Many people consider the Keating hall is haunted by a girl and man spirit. The ghost of a young girl haunts the room. She stares straight until she disappears; never speaking or moving and the ghost of a male is also seems in the hall.

According to history the university was build over the site of the hospital but the ghost who stills their looks likes peace with their death.`

So here is the list of 5 Most Haunted College in the World, hope you enjoyed.

Did you visit any of them? If yes then please share your experience with us in the comments.

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