5 Mysterious Natural Place That You Must Visit


Where words fail picture do the trick. Take a tour of the world 5 mysterious natural place. From hot water around 200deg Fahrenheit to the Ringing rocks here is the list of World’s 5 Mysterious Natural Places, Take a look!

1. Most Electric place: Lighting Flash 28 Times a Minute

5 mysterious natural place that you must visit

According to the science lightning never strike at same place twice. Forget it, in good night Venezuela lake hosts thousand of lightning strike every hour and average 28 times in every minute.

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Venezuela Lake has an average 260 storm days every year and it naturally produced average thousands of flashes in every hour. Normally you can heard thundering and flashes of light in every season at Venezuela Lake.

DR Congo in central Africa is called as thunderstorms capital of the world with 158 lightning flashes in per square kilometer and rated as the most electric place on earth.

This place earned name in ‘Guinness Book of world records’ to the highest lightning flashes with 250 per square kilometer each year.

The numbers of storms reduce in winter season but it has most spectacular at the peak of the wet season around October. Many researcher and scientist try to found the reason behind it.


In 1960 scientist claimed that uranium deposit in the region is the reason of more lightning strike. But recently scientist suggested that due to conductivity of the air above the lake was boosted by the abundance of methane from oil field below. But neither theory has been proved yet.

2. Romania poisonous cave

5 mysterious natural place that you must visit

Romania poisonous cave is big challenge in front of science. Bizarre creature of movile cave have own environment or chemical world instead of normal world. It considers that cave has led a cloistered existence over 5 million years.

This cave is discovered by Romanian scientist Cristian Lascu that’s why it called Romania Poisonous Cave.

The cave has a completely different environment as compared to the normal world, there is no sign of sunlight and it has a poisonous atmosphere.

As you know no one can survive without sunlight but it helped in the creation of bizarre creatures that has never seen by humans. They are completely different from normal world and no one can find the actual reason how they survive in poisonous environment.

There can be unique scorpions, spiders and woodlice etc. who have own life and atmosphere. According to the science anything can’t survive in that environment but they found many creature, those are living their life in same environment but How? that the biggest question.

3. Strange Waterfall: Covert Object into Stone

5 mysterious natural place that you must visit

This waterfall located near to the Knaresborough in North Yorkshire on the bank of the river Nidd. It is a mysterious waterfall that converts objects into stone but it is time-consuming process that takes a minimum 3 to 4 month to complete.

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Any object touched by the waterfall dripping water like sticks, dead bird anything naturally turn into stone within few months.

From last few years it drag people attention to itself by this strange phenomena.

For many year local people believed that the waterfall was cursed by the devil. The tourist who has come to visit that, they place some object under water like the teddy bear, cycle etc. and after some time it turn in stone.


The Scientist analysis water sample of petrifying well, debunking the legend surrounding it. And they found that water contain high mineral content that form a coating around object. The coating would create a hard mineral shell after long exposure.

4. Hot River: Mysterious Boiling River

5 mysterious natural place that you must visit

From many year people got shocked every time when they look to hot river or river in the Amazon that burns so hot even it can burn you or kill you. Its temperature is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can make egg in that water.

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200deg Fahrenheit it can easily burn or kill anything.

First a national Geographic Andres Ruzo heard about this river later he discover this dangerous river.

Still, Science doesn’t know how this river has hot water about 200deg Fahrenheit because there is no volcano around 500 miles and that puts the question in the people mind, How this river has that much hot water?

5. Ringing Rocks: Singing Stones

5 mysterious natural place that you must visit

Nature is so unpredictable whenever we think that we know everything about it than nature put new question or mystery in front of us.

Can you imagine? We are surrounded with strange fields like the rocks that have property of resonating like a bell when struck, such as the musical instruments.

After people know about the rocks has ringing stones this place become the center of tourist, people come that place and enjoy with these singing stone. Throughout the world there are fields full of rock with an international reputation.

Means imagine that till now we have musical instruments like piano, guitar, violins, trumpets etc and now we have musical stones as well, stones can produce peaceful sound. Is it strange?

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If you toss a pebble around the field then most of the stones make dull thunking sound. and others will make echoing sound like when you strike a pebble with aluminum. Due to this singing quality this field name as Ringing Rocks and they originate from volcano.

We heard only the friction of the sound that stone produce but they also emit sound in low frequencies. These are made with basalt which is volcanic rock with high iron.


These stone produce singing sound because they are made with iron, the quantity of iron about ten to twelve percent that’s the reason the rocks can ring.

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