Parallel Universes: Theories and Evidence


Do you think our universe is alone or unique? If yes then maybe you are wrong.

According to the science, there could be another universe besides own. There are many pieces of evidence those prove that our universe is not alone, there may be another universe also exists.

This concept is called “Parallel Universe” and is a facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse.

According to Bing Bang theory our cosmos expand and inflate in three dimension space due to some unknown trigger. Eventually, the small particle began to form into the larger pieces of matter which of them we called “Galaxies, Star and Planet”.

According to the multiverse theory our universe is not alone there may be many other universes also exist parallel to each other. All physicists does not believe that parallel universe is exists.

The thing about parallel universe is that our cosmos is so big and according to the rule of probability that surely somewhere else out there some planets exactly like earth. We don’t see other universe due to the cosmic view is limited by the speed of light.

The universe we see now is inside of a black hole. And there are the number of black holes exist in the cosmos which may contain other such universe as well.


Infinite Universe:

parallel universe theory and evidence

In the modern era we don’t know exactly about space-time. One prominent theory is that time is flat and it goes on forever. It would drive the possibility of many universes being out there. So, if you look far enough, you could find another person as like you and infinite version of you.

And some of them doing exactly what are you doing that time and still others have different career and lifestyles.

Bubble universe:

parallel universe theory and evidence

According to the theory of “External Inflation” other universe could rise due to multiple universes created by infinitely extending space-time. Inflation is the notation that universe stud rapidly after the Bing Bang. External Inflation theory first proposed by Alexander Vilenkin, said that some pockets of space stop inflating while other bubble continue to inflate, thus giving rise to many isolated Bubble Universe.

And in some of bubble universe have different law of physics those making some universe strange places indeed.

Multiple universes:

Or May be multiple universes follow the law of quantum mechanics as a part of daughter universe theory. If you know the law of probability than multiple outcomes come from one decision. There may be number of universe each of which saw one outcome come to be. If one universe you are in USA then perhaps in other you are in other place and so on.

Parallel Universe:

parallel universe theory and evidence

If we consider that spacetime is flat, the number of possible particle configuration in multiple universes would be limited to infinite distinct possibility. So, with in infinite number cosmic patches, the particle arrangement within them repeat infinite many times. It means there are infinite numbers of parallel universes also possible.

According to the science light started traveling at the moment about 14 billion years ago so we can’t see any further than about 14 billion light years and this volume space is called the Hubble universe. It means we are in the bowl and we can’t see outside to them.

Evidence of Parallel Universe:

China Incidence:

parallel universe theory and evidence

Thousands of people reported that they saw a mysterious floating city above china skies. Some people saw that the city was moving around Foshan in China’s Guangdong province and local people able to capture footage of that mysterious incidence. There are numerous reason emerged to explain the phenomena including the Blue Beam Project.

People who believe in parallel universe they called as the evidence of parallel universe. Michael Hall from Griffith university, and colleagues suggested of a quantum theory based on the idea of interaction between parallel universe. They force that parallel universe interact and influence nearby words by a subtle force of repulsion.

The man from Taured

5 mysterious unidentified people from history

In 1954 a guy landed in Japan on Tokyo International Airport. In the next morning, the man vanished mysteriously without leaving any trace behind him and never found again.

When the security guard asked him to his passport they get stunned. Because his country name (Taured) does not exist on the world map. When security asked him to point out his country on the world map than he put his figure on Andorra.

But he said that his country name is Taurus and which is existence from 1000 years or he had never heard about Andorra before that while security also had never heard about Taurus. During checking of his passport, driving license they found that all the stumps are real and approved by other countries also.

Then on the basis of doubt, they sent him to a nearby hotel and left 2 officers outside the room to keep eyes on him. But the next morning, that man disappears mysteriously and never found again.

Many experts claim that he comes from the parallel universe and when he get route to return get back then he return to his universe and never found again.

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