Scientific Explanation for Ghostly Phenomena


Do you believe in ghost or spirits? If yes then you are not alone, world believes in spirits that survive death to live in another region. Thousands of people have a curiosity about ghost, in one research is found that more than 37%  of people are believing in ghost and the haunted house. Ghosts have been interesting topic from 1000 of years, appearing in infinite number of story.

Most of the people believe in ghost and all have different reason on that, some people claimed that ghosts are spirits of dead who for whatever reason get divert from the other side, another consider that ghost are instead telepathic entities projected into the world from our minds and some other create their own special reason.

There are many ideas about ghost that are ghost material or not? Or they can pass through object without disturbing them and they can squash door shut and throw object across the room.

Many ghost haunters tired number of creative method to detect ghost presence. Most of the ghost haunter are scientific and give that appearance because they have high tech scientific equipment like electromagnetic field detector, ion detector, Geiger counters, infrared cameras and other sensitive microphones.

While some other people claimed that we simply don’t have the right technology to find or detect the ghost. But it’s not true either ghost exists in our real world or they don’t. If they exist then we need to detect or recorder scientifically, we should find hard evidence of that. If we can’t detect or recorded scientifically then all the videos or videos claimed to be evidence of ghost can’t be ghost.

There has been lot of debut and contradiction theories, so little science brought near on this topic. Many of ghost haunters had tried to prove that ghost is exist in real world but not a single piece of evidence of ghost has been found.

Scientific Explanations about Ghostly Phenomena

1. Quantum Mechanics:

Scientific Explanations For Ghostly Phenomena

Quantum mechanics held some pretty awesome inventions. It is study about the smallest type of matter. It looks pretty odd when physicist start talking about ghost or spirit.

According to the Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose, the human sense come from the microtubules those inside our brain cells. They believe that when people have near to death then all quantum information leaves the brain, yet continue to exist that why some people claimed out of body experiences and light at the end of tunnels.

But lots of scientists have problem with this theory expect Henry Stapp. Henry respect quantum physics, he believes that personality of human might be able to survive death and exist at mental entity. According to Henry “when these entities could return to the real world then concept like possession and channeling could really be possible.

2. Ionic Theory:

Scientific Explanations For Ghostly Phenomena

Most of the Ghost haunter do use tool ion counter and they are very excited over ions because they want to show the presence of paranormal. Some say normal ion count in the atmosphere is proof of spirit presence, while some other say ghost draw upon ionic energy when they near to us or scare people to death.

Scientist sees ions and think Natural while ghost haunters see ions think paranormal. Interesting thing is that both positive and negative ions can affect our moods. Negative ions make feel us like calm and relaxed while positive ions make us feel inferior and give headaches.

They might explain that people live in haunted due to feeling tired and tense.

3. Orbs Photography:

Ghost haunters have a relationship with orbs of hate-love. People consider that these consider glowing ball of light are spirits of people who pass away. These orbs are invisible to eye, it can only seen in photographs.

According to Skeptic Brian when a dust beg is too close to the camera then it will seen in photo like blurry, out of focus circle. These orbs will appear to be glowing due to camera flash and that’s why we thought it is ghost. Perfectly reasonable mistakes, right?

Most of the believers are pretty infidel about orb photography. Some parapsychologist found various natural causes of orbs like fine hairs, dirty lenses or movement during exposure. Many paranormal websites don’t accept these types of photographs.

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