5 Great Scientist of Ancient India


There are many laws and theorems which we studied in our today’s education like Pythagoras theorem, the relation between earth & sun and many more was evolved in ancient India.

I know you’re surprised but this is the truth, our ancient Indian scientist like Aryabhatta, Kanad, Bhaskarachaya and other as well hypotheses many scientific law or theory which later now rediscovered by today’s era scientist like Newton, Dalton etc.

Here we list the 5 Great Scientists of ancient India. So here we go!!!

1. Aryabhatta

5 Great scientist of Ancient India

Arybhatta was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and physicist. He was the first messenger in the field of mathematics. In the early age of his life, when he was around 23 years he wrote the summary of mathematics ‘Aryabhattiya’, and there are four sections in this scholarly work.

Many people consider that Nicolaus Copernicus was the first scientist who gave the relation between Sun and earth. But Arybhatta hypothesized this relation before 1000 years. He also added that Earth moves on its own axis and revolves around the sun like other 9 planets rather than sun revolving around the Earth.

Arybhatta proposed this relation when Arstu, a Greek philosopher had proposed that the Center of Universe is Earth and the rest other planet along with the sun revolves around the Earth. Further, he added that moon and other planets do not possess light of their own, they shine due to the light of the Sun (they actually reflect the light of the sun and hence they shine).

He also told about the perimeter of earth which is approximately equal to current result. He divided the time in different sections depending on the rotation of the Earth

But he remained immortal in world after the discovery of ‘Zero’ an important part of mathematics.

His contribution in the field of mathematics is unforgettable.

2. Kanad

5 Great scientist of Ancient India

In the history of India Kanad  is rated as the first man who proposed atomic theory that matches with the modern atomic theory. Before 900 years of Dalton theory, he told about atoms of matter and also that all physical matter is collection of atoms.

Once Greek Astrologer, TM Colin Beckley too stated about kanad hypothesized the Atomic theory 2600 years before the modern atomic theory. His theory is much more advanced than the current theory.

Kanad even postulated about three laws of motion which was years later proposed by Newton.

3. Baudhyan

5 Great scientist of Ancient India

Baudhyan was the first ever mathematician who discovers several concepts of math that were rediscovered in western world, like he calculated the value of pi. He too told about the various concept of Geometry before Greek Euclidian geometric. In that era Indian algebra and geometry were known as ‘Sulva Sutra’.

We all are familiar with Pythagoras theorem. Do we know that Baudhyan had discovered this theory before 250 years, Pythagoras??

4. Bhaskaracharya

Bhaskaracharya is one of the most popular mathematicians of India. He is famous for his book Siddanta Shiromani that is divided into four sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, Sphere and mathematics of planets.

Newton discovered about gravity and gravitational force few years ago but might be few of you know that Bhaskaracharya had discovered gravitational force before 1000 of years Newton did. He had explained about this theory in his book “Shiromani”.

He introduced chakrawat method or cyclic method to solve algebraic equation but the same method was rediscovered after six century by European mathematician by another name of inverse cycle.

In his another book he explained about ‘Chandra Grahan’ or Lunar Eclipse and ‘Surya Grahan’ or Solar Eclipse.  Chandra grahan occurs when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon; the Earth comes in front of the Moon. And Surya Grahan occurs when the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth; that is Moon comes in front of the earth. That was first written proof when Indian people actually came to know about gravitational force, Chandra Graham and Surya Graham.

His various books were also published in various languages and in different countries.

5. Susruta

5 Great scientist of Ancient India

Susruta was rated as pioneer in field of Surgery. He considered surgery as “the highest division of the healing arts and least liable to fallacy”. Thousands of years ago he knew about more than 1100 diseases including 20 types of fever, 8 types of Jaundice and 20 types of urinary complaints. He also knew about delivery operation, solutions of Motiabind, plastic surgery and many others.

He wrote Susruta Samhita in which he mentioned 101 surgery types of equipment and 300 kinds of surgery. This book was published in various languages and in different countries with the help of this book doctors came to know plastic surgery and its operation.

Susruta has great contribution in the fields of plastic surgery and ophthalmic surgery. When nose cutting and ears cutting was a common punishment during that time he knew about the restoration of these. In his book Susruta Samhita he describes step by step procedure of these operations.

So here is the 5 Great Scientist of ancient India who plays an unforgettable role in the history of science.

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