5 Strange Beautiful Natural Phenomena You have to See


Our Planet is filled with a number of strange things but some of them are really beautiful like Northern Lights, Sun dogs, rainbow ridges etc. So here are top 5 strange yet beautiful natural phenomena you have to see once in life:

1. Mystery of Death Valley: Sailing stones

5 strange natural phenomena you have to see

Sailing stone is also known as sliding rocks & rolling stones located in Death Valley national park. It is famous as the hottest place on earth.

Death Valley is a home of one of the strangest phenomena that is sailing stones means stones move by itself.

At Death Valley, heavy rocks are move across the dried lake which known as Racetrack Park. The apparent movement of rock has blamed on everything from space aliens.

No one has actually seen the movement of rocks. Some people believe that might be rocks are moved due to dust devil but thing is that weight of some stone is around 700 lbs.

In some cases, the movement of the rocks was measured around 250 meters.

Researchers believed that rocks are move ddue to strong wind that frequently whips across the vast lake bed.

The scientist had tried to solve the puzzle of the sailing stones from many decades but didn’t get success yet. In one research it is found that during winter in Death Valley, water and ice could form to float the rocks across the muddy bottom of Racetrack Playa in a light breeze, leaving a trail the mud as the rocks moved.

Still, no one founds the actual reason behind how and why the stones are move from one place to another.

 2. Aurora Lights

5 strange natural phenomena you have to see

If you want to see the bright greenish-white band of light on then you should travel to Alaska, Canada or the Northern United states. Normally you can see a white band of light in clear dark light on the sky at these places.

According to the scientist these kinds of light occur near to the South Pole due to that this phenomenon is also called Southern Light.

You may watch the Auroral band continue to brighten as it moves towards the south in the lucky night. Then after some time, you may watch the band of light break into many bands of light, in these some of them will move back overhead and to the north, dancing rapidly and change different color like red, purple and white.

3. Sun Dogs

5 strange natural phenomena you have to see

Sundogs are atmospheric phenomena that consist of a pair of bright spots on either side of sun horizontally at equal distance. It is part of a large family of halos which created by light ice crystal in the atmosphere.

Ice halos are arc and rings of light that produce in the sky when sunlight shines through ice crystal in the air, and the best example of it is rainbow.

Like that moon dogs also appear along both side of moon formed due to lunar light passing through ice crystal.

Generally, moon dogs are not observed as often as sundogs because they are visible when the moon is bright and because they appear during the night.

Sundogs are formed in very cold weather by ice crystal, it drifting in air at level. These crystals act as prisms to the light. When light passing through it, then sunlight refracting horizontal and that’s why sundogs are observed.

4. Earthquake Light

5 strange natural phenomena you have to see

You may or may not be noticed before or during the earthquake a flash lightning would happen. But who care when theearthquake came, but you should know about it.

Before or during earthquake mysterious flash of lightning occur, now scientist may have discovered why shifting grains surrounding faults in earth may generate an electric charge. The phenomena of flashing light is called earthquake light.

The Earthquake light is a luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky.

Recently in one research is found that earthquake light seem to happen at rifts where piece of earth are pulling apart from each other.

Natural light’s produce due to the buildup of electric charge in clouds. Now scientist did some experiment and they said earthquake light originate from the buildup of electric charge in the ground surrounding by geological faults.

5. Zhangye Danxia National Geological park: Rainbow Ridges

5 strange natural phenomena you have to see

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park is located in Sunan and Linze counties within the prefecture-level city of Zhangye within 332 square kilometer. Zhangye was mapped between 1920 and 1930 in Chinese maps and remained outside of the region.

Zhangye Danxia landscape has lots of sharp red rocks and some of them are more than hundred meters tall. Multicolored ridges of weathered level stretching to the horizon and these formations sometime sharp and smooth or look grand and magnificent.

Zhangye national park is formed by the cutting of red sandstones and formed isolated peaks by deposit lot of minerals on top of one other.

Whenever you visit Zhangye, it always gives you a special feeling by its geological structure with long-term desert condition and wind and water cut give rise to its present appearance.

Here is the list of 5 strange natural phenomena on earth, if you know about any other more strange natural phenomena than let’s come and discuss in below comment section.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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