10 Important Things in Relationship


There is nothing like a perfect relationship. Every relationship grows as time progress and you’ll learn something new about your partner. Each relationship has ups and down, there could be a situation when you may not see eye to eye or you may not agree. So here I’m going to share 10 important things in relationship which I learn in my 2 years of relationship.

Important Things in Relationship


important things in relationship

The first and most important thing in a relationship is Trust. You should have trust on your partner no matter what’s the condition.

Trust is something that comes with time and gets stronger & stronger with time. Trust can be the goal.

No matter how much you love your partner or you can’t breathe without them but if you don’t have trust on them you can’t be in good relationship.

Nowadays the major problem in the relationship is the baseless allegations like while chatting if you don’t get the reply, waiting calls and many more. So don’t make unjustifiable allegations each time your partner doesn’t quickly answer to your messages.


Being honest and truthful is another important thing in a successful relationship. So don’t lies or try to hide anything from your partner because that leads to confusion and confusion lead a lack of trust. Being honest always leads to good communication and that strengthen many aspects of the relationship.

It is good to be open and honest with your partner. We know sometimes it is difficult to tell truth but always speak the truth even if you think the truth will be hard for them but they will appreciate it in the long run. So always keep in mind that a relationship builds on while lies and false hope will always shatter in the end.


important things in relationship

Freedom is another important aspect of a healthy relationship. If you love someone then let them make free, don’t expect anything from them because expectation always leads to the selfishness.

We all love freedom, nobody wants to be live in a limited space so don’t try to change them, don’t force them to do which they don’t want to do. Love them what they are, make them what they want to be.

Lord Krishna Said, “Never think what they can do for you, always think what you can do for them and don’t expect anything from them”.


For a healthy relationship, you must have respect for each other. You and your loved one are two different personalities, you may have a difference in taste, preferences, thought process etc. are what makes you good together. None of us have the same likes or dislikes, so don’t impose each other to have the same opinion, likes or dislikes. Instead of that respect each other difference.

Always keep one thing in mind that love is not a license for abuse or disrespect. You must have respect for your partner to grow a healthy relationship.


Be supportive is another important thing in a relationship. Always be the biggest supporter of your partner. Listen to your partner what they are talking about, be with them in their bad time, try to lift one another up. You will see darkest and brightest days in a relationship. So it’s to good to know that you have a shoulder to lean on whenever you require.


important things in relationship

Affection is also one of the important things in a relationship like others or you can say it is a essential. If you think that the honeymoon phase will come to an end then you might be wrong. Show some love and affection towards each other and you’ll find honeymoon phase will never end. Affection doesn’t mean sex it means to care, hug, kisses, holding hands to feel safe etc.

Sometimes days are tough but make an effort to kiss is quite simple. Try to have a romantic dinner or lunch once a week. It always makes you comfortable and helps you to grow a healthier relationship.

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The comparison is one of the biggest threat for a relationship, so don’t compare your relationship or your partner with others. Because there is nothing like a perfect man/women or relationship in this world. We all are human, we all have some negative and positive in our life so instead of complaining about negative try to appreciate the positive what you have.

Why we human always look for more? I know it’s good, it helps us to grow but sometimes it leads to comparison. And when you start comparing you start to unappreciative of what you have. So always be happy with what you have because not all relationships are same and perfect.


important things in relationship

Forgiveness is another pillar for a healthy relationship, not only for the relationship but also for a happier life. We all are human and we all make mistakes but forgiveness can save us. Don’t keep the record of wrongs, forgive and move on.

Quality Time

Time is essential for a happy relationship. It’s important to make time for each other. Nowadays life is getting too busy, we hardly get enough time for us and our loved one. But it is very important to prioritize things and spend some quality time with your partner. It makes them special and helps you to grow a happy relationship. Always do sometimes like fun or relaxing.


Good communications is the key to avoid unnecessary confusion and argument. You need it to express your feeling, need, problem, expectation and many more. It helps you to solve the problem and even it needs you when it comes to romance.

There is a time when you both are upset or don’t want to talk with each but one thing I notice that discussing respectfully and examining issues in a gentle tone get the point crosswise over much superior to anything hollering forward and backward. Whenever you and your partner feel upset then communicate it! It helps you to get out of that situation.

So here is my list of 10 important things in the relationship. I know there could be more than 10 but I cover here an important one. I’m not here to tell you that your relationship is wrong or right. But these are just which helps me to keep my relationship healthier and happier. Hope you enjoyed it, Hope it will help you. Let your friend know what important things in relationship are by sharing them on below social button. Cheers until next post!!!

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