Top 6 Highest Waterfalls in the World


Ban Gioc – Detian Falls

The Waterfall is one of the most beautiful creations of natural beauty. Everything nature gives to us has its own importance and beauty but the waterfall is something that excites everyone. When water hits the rock with the full intensity that displays the power of nature in its way. 

It’s not easy to collect beautiful, greatest and highest waterfall in the world because every person has its own way to see things. But we made the list based on traveler experience, tourism ranking and careful research according to traveler’s needs. It includes The Angel Fall, Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls, Ban Goic – Detian Falls, Iguazu Falls and Tugela Falls

There are number of waterfalls around the world but this list consists of only 6 Tallest Waterfalls in the world. So here we go:

1. The Angel Fall

top 5 greatest waterfalls in the world

Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted and most beautiful waterfall in the world. Located in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela. It is rated as the best adventure region in Venezuela.

This beautiful waterfall is a tributary of the Carrao River and flies over the edge of the Auyan-tepui Table mountain with a height of 979 meters in the California National Park.

This waterfall called Angle falls after the name of Jimmy Angel, who is an adventurous pilot from Missouri, United States and he is the first person to fly over the falls. In 1933 he discovered the Angel fall accidentally for the first time while searching for the legendary McCracken River of Gold.

Canaima National Park is the gateway of Angle falls and entrance fees is 4 USD (price may now differ). 

Angel Falls creates its own weather during the rainy season. At certain times of the year from 1-kilometer radius of the falls, you can feel fog settling on your skin.

Where is Angel Falls?

At Auyan-tepui, Canaima National Park, in Bolivar state, Venezuela. Canaima National park is the second-largest park in Venezuela. 

What is Angel Fall Famous For?

Angle fall is one of the four most beautiful waterfalls in the world and the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world with height of 979 Meters. 

How to reach Angel Falls?

You can’t reach angel fall via land Air and Water is the only way to access this natural wonder.

By Air: You need to take a plane at Tomas de Heres Airport in Ciudad Bolivar and Canaima Airport. Simon Bolivar International Airport near Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is the international gateway to reach there. 

By water: You need to take a boat ride from Canaima Village on wooden curiae as to the base of Angel Falls. 

Best time to visit:

From May to November when you fill find waterfall and surroundings at its best because of low rainfall and thick flow of water. 

What can you do at Angel Fall?

Canaima National Park: The size of Canaima National Park around the size of Belgium and 1994 it declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. This amazing park is a collection of rives, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, scenic trails and roads, rainforest, home of 550+ species of birds, 550 species of orchid, ocelots, pumas and much more. Come here discover the legends, lives and culture of Pemon people. 

Activities: Hiking, mountain climbing, trekking, sightseeing tours, swimming, kayaking, base jumping and observing the beautiful fauna and flora. 

Where does the water come from at Angel Falls?

The water comes from the Churum river falling off the edge of Auyan-tepui mountain that is the highest table mountain in Canaima Venezuela. 

Where to stay near Angel Falls?

Here you will get a range of accommodation at Canaima village and most of them are located just a short ride away from Canaima Camp like Waku Lodge, Morichal Lodge, Paracaupa Lodge and many more. Camping is prohibited in Canaima National Park.

Interesting Fact:

Angel Fall is the highest waterfall around the world and it is three times taller than the landmark of Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

First time since 1990 tourists has only been permitted to visit the Angel Falls. The first visitors to Angel Falls stayed in Campamento Canaima, which is known as Boulton Camp.

2. Victoria Falls

victoria fall

Victoria fall is also known as the name of ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’. This is neither the tallest nor the widest waterfall in the world, but apart from that it is most spectacular and it widely rated as the largest waterfall in the world due to its width of 1708 meters. It located in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

The Victoria fall is widely known as the name of ‘The Smoke That Thunders’.

Why should you visit Victoria Falls?

Victoria fall is the only waterfall in the world with a width of more than 1 KM and height of more than 100 Meters. 

Victoria fall has a width of 1 mile and height of 360 ft, in general, twice the height of North America’s Niagara Falls.

In the modern era of world Victoria Falls is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.

During the measurement of Victoria’s fall, it is found that it is 1708 meters across and boasting an average flow rate of 1088 cubic meters per second. Victoria Falls is so vast and impressive that in rainy season rainbows often form in its spray.

Every year Victoria Falls is visited by approximately more than 2.5 million tourists.

The numbers of tourists come from Zimbabwe for a safari holiday. If you are planning a trip Zambia or Zimbabwe, be sure you include Victoria Falls on your holiday bucket list!

You can hear the noise of Victoria fall 40 kilometers away from it, while the spray and fog from the falling water is raised to a height of over more than 400 meters. It can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers.

The number of tourists started to be decreased at the end of 1960 due to the guerrilla struggle in Zimbabwe. After Zimbabwe got independence than Victoria fall started to attract a new venue wave for tourism.

At the end of 1990 more than 30,000 people came to visit the Victoria fall every year and it is listed the UNESCO world heritage site. 

Interestingly during the dry season when the water level is low in the Zambezi river then you can walk through some parts of the waterfall while the rest of the year Victoria fall is a roaring machine that shows the power of nature. 

Best time to visit:

During the different times of the year, you will get different experiences. If you want to experience the full glory of Fall with full power then February to May is the best time. Due to a large number of spray from the fallen water, you can’t see its full width on foot.

But the noise, heat and clouds of spray rising high into the sky with a spectacular view will be a lifetime experience for you. From November to December when the water level is at the lowest stage even you can walk through some part of the fall. 

How to get there: 

Victoria Falls can easily accessible by both sides either the town of Victoria Falls or Livingstone. It is located 19 KM away from the International airport of Victoria falls and 12 KM away from Livingstone Zambia via Mosi-Oa-Tunya/T1. 

Which side is best for you?

If you want to see the fall then go to Zimbabwe or to feel the fall come to Zambia. 

The Zambia side at high low allows you to feel the spray of water while Zimbabwe side offers you a more picturesque view because of its viewpoint. 

But you can visit both sides in a single day make sure you have a visa for both countries. You can walk or drive across the bridge between of both countries and walk to National Park Entrance.

Things to do: 

Activities: Bungee Jumping, white water rafting on the Zambezi River, a helicopter ride over Victoria fall, beautiful view over the Victoria falls bridge, take a dinner train crosses over the Zambezi River and stops in the middle to see the view of falls, devils pool on Zambia side, Victoria falls National Park, sunset cruise and much more. 

Interesting fact:

  • The origin of the English Name of Victoria fall was chosen by David Livingstone, who was the first European to saw the Victoria Fall in 1855 and named it in the honor of Queen Victoria. 
  • You can see this beautiful creation of nature from two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe. 
  • It is one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders.
  • Every minute 500 Million water cascade. 
  • Victoria Fall is home of Moonbowv (Rainbow at night). It forms during the night when the moonlight crossing the spray of water. 

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3. Niagara Fall

niagara_falls New York

Niagara fall is one of the most famous waterfalls Located in USA and Canada. Niagara fall is a collection of three waterfalls: Niagara Gorge on the Southern end located on the border between US of New York and the Canadian Province of Ontario. Horseshoe Falls or Canadian Falls located on the international border of Canada and the United States and the smallest American Falls or Bridal Veil Falls located entirely in US. 

Niagara Fall is the most powerful waterfall in North America in the way of vertical height and flow rate. It’s height is 51 meter, it is certainly not the tallest.

The volume of water in Niagara fall during peak flow season may sometimes more than 225,000 cubic feet per second. But the average annual flow rate is 85000 cubic feet per second. The average flow rate of this waterfall is around 1834 cubic meter per second.

The speed of water creates misty fog and a roaring sound which you can hear from miles away. 

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Where is Niagara Falls Located?

Located on the New York and Canadian border along the Niagara river which flows between two great lakes Ontario and Erie Lake. 

How to reach Niagara Falls?

It is located 32 min away from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport at a distance of 44 KM from the main city. From there you will get taxis, shuttle service easily. Niagara falls is well connected by train as well, the Niagara fall Train Station is the nearest railway station. 

Best time to visit:

Summer Season from June to August is the best and peak time at Niagara Falls. Mist and Breezes makes weather more cooler and happier. Winter is less crowded and if you’re lucky enough then you’ll see the frozen fall. 

Why to visit Niagara Falls?

Because of its flow rate, height and combination of three waterfalls. Apart from that the adventure, the entertainment, food, history and much more. Over the year Niagara falls grow as a classic honeymoon and kids friendly destinations. And every year more than 30 million people visit this beautiful creation of nature. 

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What are the best viewpoints of Niagara Falls?

  • Journey Behind the Walls – It allows you to witness the Horseshoe falls from 150 feet through bedrock to tunnel.
  • Table Rock Welcome – Enjoy the view from few meters to the edge of Horseshoe falls. 
  • See the fall by helicopter
  • The rainbow bridge is another viewpoint
  • Skylon Tower – From 775 feet above the falls having delicious food.
  • Queen Victoria Park
  • Maid of Mist Boat
  • Book a room with best view of falls. Some hotel have properties here that means you can watch this beautiful fall from your bed. 

Which side is best – Canadian side or American side?

Canadian Side – On this side, you’ll get some spectacular view of both American and Horseshoe fall and also you can get right up to the edge of Horseshoe fall. Apart from that you’ll get hotel room from where you can see Niagara fall directly from your room and the floodlighting that usually occurs at midnight. 

American Side: Apart from just watching the waterfall American side allows you to go close and personal with the waterfall. 

Overall Canadian side is better in terms of watching waterfall without any fees and staying in hotel with an amazing view of fall. 

Things to do:

Have dinner at top of Skylon Tower with a spectacular view of all from 770 Feet, watching floodlighting from the Canadian side, watching fall from the different viewpoints, staying in a hotel with an amazing view of fall, fun at a butterfly conservatory, Botanical gardens, take Hornblower and much more. 

4. Ban Gioc – Detian Falls

Ban Gioc – Detian Falls

Ban Gioc Detian fall is the collective name of two converging waterfalls. One is Banyne falls in Vietnam and second is Detian fall on the Chinese side, together they make one of the highest waterfalls in Asia the Ban Goic Detian Fall.

Surrounded by Halong Bay, Vietnam and Phang Nga bay, Thailand is the most scenic waterfall in the world. 

On the Chinese side, it is 120 M wide while if we mix the Vietnam side as well then it will become 200 M wide.  

The waterfall is separated into different fall by rocks and trees and the water is tumbling down by 60-meter height. 

Due to the various border conflicts between the two countries the area has only recently been opened to tourism. It is currently the 4th largest waterfall in the world after Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, and Niagara Falls.

Ban Gioc Detian is very popular around the world and most of the Chinese movies are shooting around it, on-location sets for action sequences, and romantic backgrounds. Many beautiful movie songs are written and shoot around this waterfall.

According to the statistics, the cumulative drop over the 3 liters of the falls was said to be 60m. 

A walking path along the fall is allowed you to get right up to the main waterfall on the Chinese side. That path ultimately climbed alongside part of the falls until you got up to the bottom of the uppermost tier.

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Where is Ban Gioc – Detian Fall located?

The first half of this beautiful fall situated in the Karst hill of Daxin country in China and the second half is located in Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province in Vietnam (272 KM north of Hanoi). 

How to get there:

From Vietnam side: As the waterfall is located near to Hanoi, the Capital city of Vietnam then most of the tourist preferred this way to reach the fall. First, you need to get to Hanoi then from there you will get the bus, taxi or number of public transportation options to reach the fall. After reaching fall you need to take the entrance ticket to 2 USD at Kiosk near the fall. 

From Chinese Side: First, need to reach the Nanning city after need to take 4 hour-long bus ride to reach the fall. 

After reaching the waterfall the Bamboo raft is the most convenient way to take a closer look at the water where you can feel the spray of water. 

Best time to visit: 

The waterfall is open all year round for tourists but the dry season from September to October rated is the best time to visit. During that time condition become more luxurious and the water is calmer. From June to August when the heavy rainfall leads to a large amount of water to the Quay Son river due to the waterfall becomes more monstrous. It makes it more difficult to capture the picture of the waterfall without getting your camera wet. 

Things to do: 

Explore the amazing surrounding area like see the local farmer harvesting the crops by hand, yellow rice paddy fields, wooden bridges, green grassy bank on the foot of waterfalls, riding bamboo craft is more fascinating and enjoyable. And other nearby attractions like Thang Hen Lake, Lenin stream, Ngao Cave and much more. 

5. Iguazu Falls

iguazu falls

Iguazu fall is not the biggest waterfall in the world only 81 meter, but what it lacks in height it makes up for in volume, especially during the rainy season. It is one of the great natural wonders in the world. The name of this falls originates from the Guarani language, and its means “big water”

It is located between the border of Brazil and Argentina.

It spans 2.7 KM in width with 275 individual waterfalls and height of 60 to 82 meter.

Iguazu Falls has an average flow rate of 1,756 cubic meters per second, which is almost the same as Niagara Falls.

Every year 100 of million visitors come and visit the best miracle of nature. Today, the Iguazu Falls are owned by the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites first is Iguazú National Park in Argentina and the second is Iguaçu National Park in Brazil.

It is considered that a large proportion of the water is trust down Devil’s Throat along gulf that is 82 meters high and 150 meters wide or more than 700 meters long.

If you want to visit it then you need to confirm the possible VISA requirements when entering from either Brazil or the Argentina side, as the falls include both the country. You can reach the falls from Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and Puerto Iguazú in Argentina.

For visitor, convenience made special walkways around the Iguazu fall to allow the visitor to get close up to this wonder to see it natural beauty and power. After reaching there at one point you will be surrounded by 260 Degree of waterfalls. 

Many movies have it natural beauty like Happy together in 1997, Mr. Magoo in 1997, Miami Vice in 2006 and many more.

Where is Iguazu Falls is located?

Located on the border of the Brazilian state, Parana and the Argentina Province of Misiones. Approx 80% of fall is located in Argentina and the rest 20% in Brazil. 

Which side is good?

It is said that the Brazilian side is for viewing the falls while the Argentinean side is to feel them. It is easy to cross the fall from one side to another side. 

From Argentina: This side allows you to see the fall from different viewpoints as well as the opportunity to see the lower and upper falls. The upper fall trail allows you to take a walk across of several falls and to witness the water flowing over the edge. And the lower fall trail allows you to take a close look of the fall. 

From Brazil: It offers a complete panoramic view of the falls. 

You can cover both sides in a day. 

How to get there:

There is two airports located inside the 5 Mile of waterfalls Foz Du Iguacu Airport in Brazil and Cataratas del Iguazu in Argentina. From there you need to drive or take public transportation to reach the falls. 

Best time to visit: 

The weather is same all year round so its hard to find to the best time to visit but Jan to Feb is the peak season due to the Holiday in Brazil and Argentina. During summer time water volume is high but humidity & heat are at their peak. May to July is the rainy season with high water levels and strong flow.

Things to do:

Take a jet boat tour to experience the fall, take a helicopter ride to get the bird’s eye view of falls, jungle safari tour, explore the rainforest and much more.

6. Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is the second-highest waterfall in the world after Angel Falls with a height of 948 meters. It is the highest waterfall in Africa and also there is controversy about it is the tallest waterfall in the world rather than Angel Falls of Venezuela.

Apart from its height and natural beauty, it also lets you enjoy a 12 KM hiking which brimming with spectacular natural views.

Tugela River is the source of this waterfall. Tugela river is a great river with very high volume so it may not flow consistently year-round even some times it completely dry out.

After heavy rain Tugela falls can easily be viewed from the main road.

Where is Tugela Falls is located?

It is located in the Drakensberg of Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.

How to get there:

You can easily get there from Johannesburg by easy 4 hour ride to sentinel ca park along the N3 and 4 and half hour ride from Durban along the N3 and R74.

Best time to visit:

During the rainy season from November to March when the water level is high and crossing will be more challenging. And for hikers with fewer crowds and lower prices, autumn and spring is the best season.

Things to do:

12 KM of hiking in 4 hours and get some spectacular view of nature, king swing, take art and culture tour to understand the South African Culture, do some photography and much more.

So here is the list of 6 tallest waterfall is the world. Go there and witness some of the most amazing creations of nature. If you have been there before then share your experience with us and if we forget to mention anything then please let us know in the below comment section.

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