The Perfect Honeymoon Packing List for Couples


Wedding for a couple is a dream come true! To further make it more fairy-tale-like, honeymoon ensues. Although the emotions supersede while planning for the honeymoon, it is important to be practical for a befitting one.

Yes, a honeymoon is just a holiday, but it is one where you explore your partner and also need to look good at the same time. Besides, this is a holiday that may not be necessarily in sync with the season, so you have to be ultra-careful while packing for this lifetime event. 

Let us define the honeymoon requisites in the following categories, so you can contrive your own list as per the availability.   

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Must Pack:

honeymoon packing list

  1. Your tickets (either printed ones or e-tickets) are must-haves, so you can begin the trip.
  2. Your Identity proofs, if traveling by air you will need your passport and visa too if it is an international trip. Other than that you must carry other proofs, including driver’s license or PAN Card.
  3. Your plastic money is essential and easy to carry so you can shop and manage the expenses too. Make sure you also check the card before carrying it so you don’t get surprised upon reaching the destination.
  4. Do check the reservations of hotels, yachts, restaurants, events, cruise, or anything else that may require it.
  5. Your Medication prescription if any, and any insurance papers if you have (You always need these the most when you think you won’t)
  6. All the necessary contacts must be kept handy, including the parent’s doctor’s or in case you know someone who is in the same city as you are honeymooning in.
  7. Id Tags for your luggage, especially in case of international travel as the chances of losing the luggage are more, and of getting substantial help is much less. Better be careful than sorry!
  8. Phone chargers and battery back-up
  9. Headphones and i-pad
  10. Last but not the least, you must not rely on local medical stores for contraceptives and must carry your own. 

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Clothing Essentials you can’t forget

honeymoon clothing

  1. A pair of warm clothing, which could be pants, Denim or Jeggings are much needed. In case you are traveling to a tropical place, you can still carry one for the airport or inside the plane where the temperatures are kept colder than normal.
  2. A cardigan or lightly woolen jacket for the lady and the husband may be required at the airport, or even outside.
  3. Sundresses for women and a pair of shorts for the guys are needed. If you are traveling to a tropical region, these will indeed be handy.  Also, in the case of layover, if you happen to stop at a place with higher temperatures, then too, this kind of clothing becomes useful.
  4. The Little Black Dress is ideal and can be repeated as well. So for that date night by the beach, or cruising and dining this little black dress looks amazing.
  5. Some Casual shirts for the couple will also be a great thing to carry. You can even carry a tank top for the lady as a casual top.  Alternatively, T-shirts are also a good option for the couple for that wonderful and casual stroll during the honeymoon.
  6. Do carry one or two pairs of shorts for the honeymoon couple, you never know if the place you are visiting for a honeymoon is liberal when it comes to dressing up.
  7. Dressing up ideals and enjoying every bit of your honeymoon is the couple’s right and desire too. So being in the pool together will be awesome fun. Enjoy the pool and the beach in a swimsuit, and sarong as well.
  8. Going to an unknown destination you might not know how much you may have to walk. Carrying a pair of comfortable shoes, sneakers are indeed much necessary so you don’t end up tired and continue enjoying the honeymoon till it lasts.
  9. Walking shoes too will be needed as a part of your dress up for your honeymoon. Sandals can also replace walking shoes, but either of these is needed.
  10. Evening shoes for that perfect date night with your partner would bring the two of closer. Correct pair of shoes often highlight what you are wearing and looking good is a must when on your honeymoon. This will amplify the love between you two.
  11. To complete your look, you should also carry an evening pursue or clutch as that one special date night can turn into even more special.
  12. Most important thing when on a honeymoon is the right amount of sleep so you are ready for the next day exploration. Make sure you carry a perfect night wear that is comfortable.
  13. Carry undergarments, socks, and handkerchief and some extra pairs will be great.
  14. Add on to some accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry and dress up in different ways   with the same set of clothes.

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Handy Extras

  1. Medical aids should always be carried so you don’t have to depend on local medical shops where you may or may not get what you need. So carry some band-aids, pain killers, Antacids, Diarrhea medicine, Motion sickness medicine as you may have to travel a bit more than you expect, and also you can carry Aspirin.
  2. With the unknown place and weather conditions, you must carry sunscreen to prevent yourself from sunburn. For the same reason and chapped lips, carry the lip balm too.
  3. Other things like caps, sunglasses, aloe vera in case you get any inflammation for some reason can also be carried.
  4. Carry a beach bag, or a tote bag made of canvas so it dries up when wet and still remains in good condition.
  5. Carry a notebook or a diary just for that extra note and maintaining your honeymoon journal

Safety Gears and Toiletries

toiletriesTraveling kit is a must as relying on hotels for toiletries will not be a wise thing to do.

  1. Carry a travel toothpaste that is enough to last for the honeymoon.
  2. Toothbrush.
  3. Roll-ons and deodorants.
  4. Cosmetics such as Make-up remover, Gel, Hair spray, Shaving Razors, Shaving cream, Comb or brush whatever suits you.
  5. Nail cutter that has a filer within it will be a requirement and you will realize this once you are away from home.
  6. Also, some hair accessories for the woman will be absolutely essential.
  7. A shower cap, shampoo and conditioner will not let you have bad hair day.
  8. Carry your tampoons, as well as flights sometimes, are delayed and you never know whether you get it or not. 

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For the safety purposes you may carry these following items:

  1. Sewing kit
  2. Eye drops
  3. Asthma Inhaler
  4. Swiss Army knife
  5. Compact Umbrella
  6. Bug Spray

Location Specific Items

  1. Travel adapters
  2. Guide books
  3. Waterproof items such as socks, and boots
  4. Hiking boots  if you are aware of the itinerary

Hope you have gone through the list and checked every item that has been packed for a fruitful synergy of you as a couple. Make sure you create wonderful memories and enjoy to the hilt where ever you have planned this forthcoming event of your life.

All the things mentioned above will be required at some point in time, but what may impress your partner is your thoughtfulness about him/her. For the same, you may carry a small gift and display your affection with it. 

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