9 Things About Instagram You May Never Know


From last couple of years, Instagram becomes fan favorite on social media. Research shows that around 40% of adults use Instagram and from 2016 there are 400 million active Instagram stories users.

In May 2018 Instagram comes at 3rd after Facebook and YouTube in the list of most active user on social media with 1000 million.

So today I’m going to tell you 9 things about Instagram which you may never know. Here we go:

1. Instagram Business Profile

Instagram business profile brings some amazing feature to you. You’ll get analytic of your account where you can track everything about your account and recent post. There are three options you’ll get in Instagram insight Activity, Content and Audience. By using them you can get following key data about content:

  • Action taken on your account
  • You can check profile visit
  • You can check how many accounts reach to you
  • How many impressions you have daily and weekly
  • Time when your most followers are active
  • Top 5 locations from where your followers came
  • Ration of male and female followers
  • Age range of your followers, separate for male and female
  • Number of click on link which you place in your bio
  • You can check number of people have seen your stories and post

things you may never know about instagram


These are open ones; you can check these things by simply in the Insight section. But there are few key thing as well which you can track by just click on the arrow button at below of post:

  • How many people have shared or DM you post?
  • How many people have saved your post?
  • Profile visit by one post
  • You can check the reach of your post from hashtag you used, form your profile, from other, from home

things you may never know about instagram

By utilizing these key data you can make good future plans and analyze how your current plans work.

2. Get Notification when your favorite one post

secrets of instagram

Everyone on social media wants to know about their favorite one, what they are posting? So now you can choose to get post notification option and you’ll notify every time when your favorite one post.

All you have to do is visit a user profile then click on three dots at upper right-hand corner of the post and choose turn on the post notifications from the menu which appears.

Remember one thing that you must enable allow or show notification option in your Instagram app setting.

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3. See all photos and videos you’ve liked

instagram secrets


I don’t know it happens to me or with everyone that when I browse on Instagram and suddenly get one amazing post I like it but forget to save it. But after some time when I want to see it again then I again browse it or try to memories the name of admin; sometime I found it or sometime not.

But you know Instagram collect all post you’ve like at one place. You can easily access them. All you have to do is go to your profile then click on the options button, scroll the menu then click on “Post You have liked” and then you’ll get all post you have liked.

4. Create collection which you’ve saved

instagram secrets

Like Instagram bookmark all post, you’ve liked as a same Instagram bookmark all post you’ve saved. But do you know that you can create the collection of the post during while saving.

All you have to do that click on the save button and then slide on collection and create collection. That’s it, now you can add your favorite post in your collection while save that post.

5. Hashtag in Stories

instagram secrets

Most of you use hashtag while posting picture or videos but do you use hashtag while posting stories. Like with the hashtag you can amplify the reach of your post so as same hashtag can amplify your story reach as well.

All you have to do is use the relevant hashtag while posting stories and then you will see the jump in story views. Sometimes I got more than 1000 views of story while I have only 500 followers by using just one hashtag.

6. You can show stories more than a day

instagram secrets

Yes you heard right, you can show stories more than a day. Sometimes your story needs more time or attention and in that case, highlight comes in the picture.

All you have to do create e highlight of your stories and then it will there on your profile forever. This new feature of Instagram allows you to create a highlight of your favorite stories.

If you wondered about how to do that than just click on New Button with the “+” sign was below your profile pic and then select the past stories form album and them give a name to highlight, that’s sit.

If you want to delete stories highlight that also possible just by pressing and holding down the story.

7. Instagram Hashtag

We all know that Instagram allows using max 30 hashtag per post. And studies have shown that post getting higher interaction with 11 or more hashtag as compare to others. So get creative with your hashtag strategy and try to utilize most of it.

If you think that it looks messy than try to put dot in between the post description and put all hashtag at the end of post description. So it doesn’t appear until anyone clicks on more…

8. Instagram Influencer

instagram secrets

You know that 56% of the Instagram user makes $50,000 per year and 26% users make $75,000 per year. Yes you heard right, its true baby. This is the power Influencer Marketing.

Now you may get good idea about how powerful is Instagram, now most of the business looks influencer on Instagram to promote their business.

We all are influencers and if you have good engagement or followers than you can be one of those.

9. Engagement on Instagram

Do you know Instagram give more priority to comments, DM and share as compare to likes while calculating engagement? Yes, that’s true. If your post has big difference between the ratio of likes and comments, share then it will not help you to increase your engagement.

So keep in mind that comments and shares are equally or may be more important than likes. It doesn’t mean there is no value of like but comment, share and DM also play big role while calculating engagement. So try to focus on everything rather than only getting like.

So here is the 9 things about Instagram which you may never know. If you know any other hidden feature of Instagram then let us know in below comment section.

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