Top 10 Best Travel Apps of 2020


After Smartphone came in the market, it completely changed the way of travel. There are location updates, map guide, food finding app, hotel booking, flight booking and many more. No matter, where you’re traveling, your Smartphone always takes good care of you.

Planning a trip can be difficult but in 2019 there are numbers of free travel apps are available I mean a lot. I have a bit of thing of always wanting to find the easiest and quickest way of doing thing with less amount of effort.

Who needs travel agent if you have the best app in your Smartphone which not deliver information but also give advice, key insight, tips, and warning. So you can easily find the cheapest hotel or flight, best food, best place and many more for your favorite destination.

I have tested lots of travel apps along with some great advice from my fellow travel blogger and compiled the list of top 10 free travel apps which makes your life easier:


airbnb - best travel app

Generally, when you’re visiting any foreign destination then it is impossible to convince any landlord to let you rent a place. After that you have only 2 options left one is the hotel and another is hostels.

Hotels can pretty much set your money on fire if you’re financially strong that it’s ok. But if you take my advice than you don’t need to spend in the hotel.

On the other side, Hostels are completely opposite, they are pretty much affordable but you need to compromise with your privacy and there is lots of risk as well.

But Airnub can help you to find rooms, apartments, home and other unique places to rent including boats, tree house and trailers. It is very simple and cost-effective way to find a place for rent at your favorite destination. Whether you need short term vacation spot or month long spot Airnub has all option at all around the world.

Airnub has 2.5 million homes across over 190 countries and for some location, you can add tours, classes, workshops and other interesting stuff.


skyscanner - best travel app

Skyscanner is one of my favorite travel apps to provide flight assistance.

If you’re looking for cheap flights, hotels and rental cars than Skyscanner is a perfect platform for you. It allows you to “Search everywhere” “Cheapest month”.

By search everywhere you’ll get all flight in cheapest to most expensive price for your destination. It provides data on almost all airlines in the world so that you can compare price and condition for the same route.

By cheapest month travelers will get all details on the basis of a month and you can choose the cheapest dates to fly. And the best part is that you can use both features at the same time so that you can book the cheapest flight.

Another feature of Skyscanner that will excite you is price alerts. You will notify whenever any fluctuations in price.


tript - best travel app

Tripit is one of the best travel planner apps which store all your travel plans in a well-organized itinerary, far better from your paperwork or notes.

All you have to do is forward all of your detail like flight, hotel, rental car, restaurant etc. to an email address and it will automatically integrate all your itinerary into a single spot so that you can easily view all upcoming plants at once.


If you want it will update your calendar with your trip details and also share your trip with your family or friends so they don’t worry about where you are.

There is paid pro version also available which send you the real-time notification about your flight status, send alternation in case of flight cancelation or when your favorite seat is available on the flight.

Wifi Map

wifi map - best travel app

If you stuck somewhere where your data connection in not working and you have to urgently browse something or send any message than Wifi map will help you to find a nearest free wifi hotspot.

Wifi map is one of my favorite apps and every traveler should have because whenever you’re abroad than most of the time you’ll face internet issue.

It allows you to access free internet when wifi available with wifi password and tips. You can also share wifi with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and map navigation as well.


Citymapper - best travel app

Citymapper is one of the best apps to find and use public transportation. You need to enter your current and destination location and it brings the best option to reach out there with estimated time and cost.

It connects with a few ridesharing services which show you the fastest route to reach out at your destination and also you can check subway and train schedule offline. You can subscribe for any bus or train then you’ll get the real-time notification.

Citymapper has walking and cycling options which will show you how many calories you’ll burn to reach your destination and compare it to foods and drinks as well.

It is integrated with Uber and other transportation services which allow you to book you Uber ride by this app only.

Google Translate

Now remove the language barrier with Google Translate. The app provides translation in more than 100 different languages and with the help of machine learning, it is more conversational. You need to just tap sound icon then it allows you to listen to translation out loud.

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One of the best features of Google Translate is the Camera feature which allows you to translate sign and text. You just need to hold up the camera on a particular sign or text and it translates it for you.

For offline access, you have to star your favorite or repeatable sign or word and also you can download the language pack.


Duolingo - best travel app

It’s always good to learn some common phrase of the local language of place which you’re going to visit and in this Duolingo will help you.

Duolingo is a funny way to learn a new language, it is like a game or quiz so at the same time you can learn and have some fun.

It is science bas learning app which offer shot module from a beginner level course. You can also chat with bots in a selected language which is helpful for learning new phrase.


camscanner - Best travel apps

CamSacnner turn your phone or tablet into a scanner and makes your life easier on many moments like sometimes when you have been traveling and you need to send copies of your document that time camscanner made it so easy to do this. This app is not only helpful for the traveler but for all of us because it saves our time and money when it’s needed.

You just need to open the app and hold it over the document and it will convert it into high-quality scan copy of jpeg or pdf for saving and sharing.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor - best travel app

When it comes to travel than Trip advisor is the mixture of all app. It shows you the millions of opinions, reviews, videos, photos etc. pertaining to about everything related to your trip like hotels, restaurant, flights and many more.

It’s near me feature allows you to search well-reviewed place near to you by just one click. The best part of this app is that it supports in the number of countries that means every necessary guide is available for every traveler.

Google maps

Who can forget Google Maps, I know it should be on the first spot we all about Google map and feature of it. So I things I don’t need to explain about it you know better than me. But I want to tell you one thing I or maybe everyone loves about Google map is that it shows the number of way to reach out at the same destination with real-time traffic update.

So here is my list of top 10 best apps which makes your life easier while traveling. I know there are only 10 but it’s not possible to tell about each and every app in one post. So I just cover only top 10. If I missed your favorite one or if there is any your favorite app from the above list then let me in below comment section. Cheers!!!

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