30 Interesting and Hilarious Facts about Germany


Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the world and the country of beer, sausages and Oktoberfest.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a country in central and Western Europe which covers an area of 357,386 square kilometers including 16 constituent states and that makes it world 4 biggest economy countries in the world.

The population of Germany is 8.28 crores and that makes it’s the 2nd most country state in Europe after Russia. Here is some basic info about Germany, so without further due now let’s get to know some interesting and hilarious facts about Germany.

Different but Interesting Law of the German Government

Fun facts of germany

If you physically disable than Germany is best for you because for unemployed people the German government provides 450 Euro per person, petrol and diesel for the car, discount on travel tickets and many more.

Like there is a different law for different crimes but in Germany, there the is different dustbin of different-2 colors for different-2 garbage.

If you love to drink beers then you should visit Germany at once in your life because drinking alcohol is legal in Germany. And there are over more than 1500 different beers in Germany. So go and enjoy but drunk cycling is illegal.

Germany could be the heaven for speed lover because there are 65% highways in Germany have no speed limit.

Always keeps your fuel tank full in Germany because it is illegal to run out of fuel on Highway.

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Smoking is banned in public area while drinking alcohol is legal in Germany.

Different Sunday

You can’t do anything on Sunday. Entire Germany practically shuts down on Sunday except for tourist attraction or restaurant. To open school, college or workplace on Sunday is illegal and also if you caught doing mowing, vacuuming, recycling bottles or anything like this then you have to pay the fine.

Pillow is rated as passive weapon Germany. If you hit hard someone by pillow than it can land in you jail with charges of assault.

There is no punishment in Germany for them who tries to escape from jail because according to German it’s basic human instinct to free.

Prostitution is legal in Germany

Prostitution is legal in Germany, not only this German government has strict laws to protect the interests of sex workers. Not only this they also have the privilege to decide the time, place and other details of the work.

Education and Offices in Germany

Education is free in Germany; it means you don’t have to give any tuition fees to school and college and the same for foreign students as well.

Germany could be the best place for office worker because accords to German employment law it is illegal to construct an office which does not offer the sky view or ventilation space.

Invention of Germany

Fun facts of germany

If you love to bunk classes or full day then Germany is not for you because skipping school is strictly forbidden. In case of emergency, you have to justify the absence of your kids to higher authorities.

Germany is the place of book lover where around 94,000 titles publish every year and that makes it’s the world largest book nation. And the first printed book was in Germany.

The first magazine was invented in Germany in 1963

The first Christmas tree created in Germany.

If you’re car lovers than thanks to Germany because Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen was invented in Germany.

Maximum numbers of taxis are Mercedes in Germany.

Washing Machine of Germany

The chancellor office of Berlin is locally known as the washing machine.

If you are beard lover than visit Germany once in your life because there are more than 300 different types of beard.

One-third of Germany is powered by renewable energy like windmills, solar panels.

German Language

Fun facts of germany

There are more than 26 letters in the German alphabet

German is the third most taught language in the world and official language of Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Nation of Renters

Germany is called as Nation of Renters because only 41% of the German has their own house and others live in the rented house.

Beers in Germany

Fun facts of germany

More than 6 million liters of beer is consumed in the world largest beer festival of Germany, Oktoberfest.

German people love drinking beers because according to one research each German drinks more than 140 liters of beer per year.

Showing thumb means you want one beer but showing first finger means you want two beer; one with finger and one with thumb.

No Night music

If you love night music then Germany is not an ideal place for you because if you caught playing loud music in the night than it lands you in jail.

Superstitious in Germany

German believes that open windows will leads them to illness or flu. So they always keep the windows tightly shut even on the beautiful day.

No matter how much you’re happy but don’t cheer with water because according to German it means you’re wishing death upon your dinking partners.

Greet your friend by knocking on the table rather than wave them because German believes that knocking on oak is good luck because devil can’t able to touch the Holy wood.

Sports in Germany

Germans are sports lover because only German has won total of 1681 medal and 547 of them being gold.

Germany has the most football clubs in the world.

Some other Interesting facts about Germany

Germany has 400+ zoos which is most in the world.

Germany is one of the most populated (82 Million) countries in Europe.

Despite being populated one-third of Germany is covered by forest and woodland.

Did you know the capital of Germany, Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges as compared to Venice.

The capital of Germany has shifted 7 times before Berlin. Aachen to Carolingian, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Berlin, Weimar, Bonn, East Berlin and since 1990 Berlin again.

The Longest published word in the German language is 79 letters long – Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft

So here is the list of Interesting and fun facts about Germany which encourage you to visit this beautiful country once in your lifetime. What do you feel about Germany after reading this? let us know in the below comment section.

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