10 Expensive Travel Mistake Not to Make


We all make mistake in our life but it better to learn from our mistake. Same for travel as well, whether it’s your first trip or number of trip in a year we all make mistakes that can cost us more than what we think. Like when my credit card stopped working because I didn’t inform my bank about my travel plans. And then I just found ATM machine to get cash so I could pay for taxi to the hotel.

So it’s always good to plan your trip before leaving for. I’ll help you to avoid silly travel mistake which can turn your whole trip into a disappointing and money wasting experience. Here are the expensive travel mistakes not to make:

1. Overpacking

10 common travel mistake and how to avoid them

Overpacking is one of the most common and silly travel mistakes because when you know you’ll be far from your home for some days, you try to pack everything in your luggage even the kitchen sink as well. I know it’s tempting to bring items for every situation but it’s hard to haul luggage around on Airport and paying extra for more weight.

Instead of pack 100% what you think need on your trip, pack only 20% out of it because according to the Pareto principle 80% of the effect comes from the 20% of the cause. You don’t need to sacrifice with you style because laundry is available in worldwide. Here are the 7 simple tips to pack light.

2. Not informing your bank about your travel plans

10 Expensive travel mistake not to make

Fraud is all over so when your bank sees an exchange for $500 over the opposite side of the world, they won’t hesitate to block your card.

It’s incredible assurance however it’s very irritating to call them and experience the security procedure of unblocking your card. Make sure to advise your bank before traveling to another country.

It’ll spare the problem once you’re away. Despite the fact that we told our bank each and every nation we planned to visit, regardless they’ve blocked our card various occasions.

3. Forgetting Travel Insurance

10 Expensive travel mistake not to make

Travel is something so unpredictable you never know what can happen on the road and sometimes cancel trip due to weather or some other emergencies. At that time travel insurance comes in the picture it not only help you to recover your money but in some case it also helps in some medical emergency as well.

Travel insurance is something to have before leaving for a trip because it protects you when you’re overseas. It is there to help you in both medical and non-medical emergencies.

While you’re in another country and something happens to you and you don’t have travel insurance than it can cost you thousands of dollar even you can be cashless as well.

Don’t mind but if you can’t afford travel insurance then you can’t afford to travel.

4. Exchanging money at Airport

Always you’ll get the worst rates if you exchange money at the airport because of high commission or high exchange rates. To get the best rates I recommend you to withdraw money from an ATM machine or exchange money from the authorized bank where you will get fair exchange rates.

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5. Not Backing up Your Photos

Travel is all amount capture beautiful moment, adventure and whatever you been through in your whole trip. But imagine that you didn’t backup your photos and losing them due to the virus or stolen camera. I know it’s very frustrating!

It’s always good to backup your photos at online space like Google Drive, Dropbox or many more in every 2 days. Some of might you think that it too much but travel photos are important, its help to memorize any particular moment for lifetime. What can be more devastating than losing your 2-year journey photos?

6. Not using Travel App

10 Expensive travel mistake not to make

Travel apps are something that can save your lots of time and money. Like why you have to waste time on search or compare multiple websites to find cheapest flights if you have Skyscanner which can do this thing in just one click, same of hotels and other things as well.

Now we have separate mobile app for the separate task like Airbnb to finding best hotels, hostel or place for rent, wifi map for free wifi, Trip advisor for better planning and many more.

7. Book hotel in the most touristic part of the city

We all want to be close to the actions but staying in the center of the city may lead to a higher hotel, restaurant, and transport charges. It’s fun to watch how the city runs outside of the tourist place. Try Airbnb to find a local place for rent, cheapest hotel or hostels.

8. Not preparing for long flights

10 Expensive travel mistake not to make

A long distance flight can be so stressful time on your entire tip because of dry air, bad posture and loud noise. So be prepared for long flights, preparation means bring noise cancelation headphone, download favorite TV series or movie, neck pillow or sleeping mask and small toiletry bag. These things not only reduce your stress but also convert stressful time into enjoyment.

9. Planning too many activities on single trip

Planning too many activities for a single trip can limit your opportunities. It can be so stressful to find hidden gems or follow up tips from local. So don’t pack too many activities for a single trip, always give yourself enough time to relax and soak up the best what is offered by the destination. This makes your life more simple and relaxing.

10. Not packing Travel Adapter

Do you know there are 15 types of plugs use all over the world? If you’re traveling to a country which uses the different type of plug then you should go with a versatile power adapter with USB port that accepts different range of voltages and works with different types of plugs.

If you’re traveling to a country like the USA, Japan that only use 2 prong outlets than adapter often fallout from the socket without support of 3rd prong. Also, many universal adapters are not capable to hold high voltage to charge power Hungary items like laptops.

So here is the common travel mistake which you should keep in mind before planning any trip.

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