11 Tips To Save Money While Traveling


Usually, People are curious to know how travel blogger can afford to travel for so often and long? If you’re going to travel a lot and looking for some money saving tips while traveling then get ready to know my 11 tips to save money while traveling:

Go Off-season Trips

Every travel destination has an ideal season in year. So do research and find the best time to visit that place and try to go during off season. Maybe you won’t get as much fun as you get during season time but you’ll get some great deal on an air ticket, accommodation, food & drink, shopping and many more.


During off season most of the hotel remain vacant and they are happy to give you the discounted price. And you’ll get some good discount on flight ticket as well.

Travel Slow

travel slowly

I love to travel slowly. Instead of moving from one destination to another, taking bus, train and flights. Take some time and explore all stuff around you.

This is the best way to save money, if you take longer trips rather than many short trips than obviously, you spend less money on transportation like taking fewer flights, bus, trains and you can take out best from the trip.

Pack Appropriately

pack appropriately - how to save money while traveling

Packing light or packing appropriately is one of the overused travel advice you’ll get. However, this advice on numerous occasions proves to be very valuable and useful.

Packing can help you to save huge amount of money during checking bag, getting a cab and gratuities. At many instances while traveling I saw people carrying very big bag even they can’t handle their luggage and then they have to spend money each time they change location to tip guy who handles their bag, during checking at the airport and pay for a taxi.

If you pack light then you can move from one place to another with ease or take public transportation and you will able to save lots of money which are associated with an unnecessary and oversized bag.

Travel like Local

Try to go local, eat local, use local transport service like a taxi or bus instead of cab, stay in local hotels and hostels. I experienced that every time when I ask for recommendation people send me to the tourist place or expensive place but when I ask then where they go and what they enjoy to do then I get the right answer. So I recommend you to travel like local, dress like local in which you enjoy the most in less money.

Learn Key Phrase of Local Language

People are more sympathetic to them who are more relatable and what’s more relatable than speaking the same language? So, before to go try to learn some key phrase of local language and you’ll find that people are most likely to help you in best way. And you’ll more plunge in the culture.

Look for Free activities

Free activities - save money while traveling

Before you travel do some research and you’ll see there are lots of free DIY activates in your area. Look at community calendar to find out what is going on out there or do a self-guided tour to immerse you in the destination. By doing this you’ll get to know to lots of free things or activities which help you to save lots of money like museum often have to pay what you can but once in a week and sometimes have discounted price as well.

Carry Snacks

Did you know that having a small meal in a day then a larger one is good for health? And we all know kids will need snacks while traveling and it frustrating to spend $20 on small snacks.

It’s good to pack some snacks like granola or trials mixes in your bag and pull them when your kid needs fuel or when your engine gets tried. Ultimately it will help you to save lots of money.

Apart from snacks always carry water bottle with you because it’s very annoying to spend money on bottled water when you can buy an entire case in the same amount. So always carry your own water bottle with you and drink lots of water because it keeps you hydrated & healthy.

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Eat Street Food

Street food is something you have to explore on every trip you go. You can say street food is the king of all food because it is very delicious, authentic food from local vendor and much cheaper from the restaurant food. So why not grab some local street food or you can ask how they make a dish – free cooking class. But keep one thing in mind that food should be hygienic because sometime street food could land you in big trouble.

Try to avoid buying things at touristy areas

If you have plan to buy food or souvenirs then try to avoid most touristy areas of city because where you’ll get high price or 2x as compare to local market. So do yourself a favor and buy things out of the touristy area; you’ll save lots of money, hassle and stress.

Make Travel Budget and Stick to it

Make travel budget

Travel budget is something that will tell you when to save and when to spend. We always love to eat in the restaurant, shop in the mall or do some expensive activities but when you have to save money during trip then travel budget is the best way to keep yourself on track.

Take care of your things

What can be more frustrating to spend money is not take care of your own thing, getting lost, replace them in bus, train etc. So taking care of your own thing can go long way in making them last and you don’t need to buy cheap and low-quality products.

Bonus Tips

  • Do Laundry by your own
  • Ask local
  • Bring essentials medicine with you
  • Take advantage of travel blogger, facebook group
  • Try to Skip clubs
  • Avoid ATM or exchange fees
  • Walk Everywhere

So here are my all tips to save money which I learn from my traveling experience. Hope it will help you to save money so you can travel more often and long. So what are your tips for saving money while traveling? Tell us in below comment section. Cheers until next post!!!

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