13 Tips to Follow Before Traveling Internationally


Good travel comes from good planning.

Before you’re going for your first international trip you have to do lots of planning and you’ll need to remember lots of things. It’s good to make a checklist so that you don’t forget anything before leaving. But you don’t need to worry because here we come the list of 13 things to do before International trip:

Travel Insurance

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Before leaving your country travel insurance is the first thing you should have. If not go research and buy some good travel insurance.

You can buy medical insurance, trip cancelation insurance, and other emergencies insurance. If you already have medical insurance then check if it includes international coverage because if something happens to you in abroad as paying for that would run thousands of dollar.

If your flight ticker booked a month in advance or it requires thousand of dollar then trip cancelation insurance can protect you from unexpected circumstance.

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Make copies of your important document

travel tips every traveler should know

Make sure you have at least one color copy of your passport or other travel document stored online or at a safe place apart from your passport. It helps you to get out from the worst situation like passport gets stolen or lost.

It’s good to have a digital copy of your entire important travel document but make sure that these items are stored in your device locally so that you can access it without an internet connection.

Pack appropriate

international travel tips

Packing is the key to the success of any trip whether you’re traveling to abroad or in your own country. Packing doesn’t mean you bring everything in your travel bag, kitchen sink as well. And it doesn’t mean you don’t pack even your adapter.

Make sure your packing list has all essentials which require on the trip but don’t bring valuable like jewelry with you because it can attract thieves. Figure out how to handle money and check the weather at your destination on your trip date to make sure you don’t need to pack anything else. Here are the essentials things to pack for a trip.

Bring travel adapter

Make sure you have an international travel adaptor to charge your electronics in another country. There are 15 types of plugs use all over the world. So make sure you should have the adapter with USB port which accepts all different types of plugs and range of voltage.

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Let your bank know about your travel plan10 Expensive travel mistake not to make

Make sure your credit card, ATM or debit card banks know about your travel plans. Because fraud is everywhere and if you bank gets to know about the international charge or exchange money then they won’t hesitate to block or hold you card.

Always exchange money before traveling

Before you travel internationally always check exchange rates because most of the times you’ll get the worst exchange rate at the airport due to the high commission or exchange rates. To get the best exchange rate I recommend you to exchange money from the authorized bank in your country or in case you need extra cash then always use ATM machine near the airport.

Always have some local cash

Always remember, not every place takes credit cards, especially in train or busses. So it’s good to have some local cash as well.

Register in your embassy

By register with your embassy, your government knows where you’re in case of an emergency. If there is a problem in the country then it will help your government to contact you and get you safety. And they will send you alert or update.

Download Travel App

international travel tips

Travel app is something which will help you to save lots of money from booking air ticket to finding free wifi in any particular area, it will helps you lot. Here is the list of best travel apps of 2019.

Check Travel Alerts or travel warning

Before booking a trip or depart check whether your government has issued a travel warning for the country you’re going to visit, where long term problem creates the environment which is not safe for traveler or travel alerts for the country with short-term situation which may create problem for you.

Always keep in mind that some travel insurance policies will not cover travel to the country which comes under travel warning/alerts.

Learn some common phrase in local language

Before visiting any international destination try to learn some common phrase or language of the country. It helps you lots on Local Street, restaurant and market. Like if you’re traveling to India then you should know how to say sorry, hello, thanks and how to ask local help.

There is a travel app name “Duolingo” which helps you to learn the common phrase of any country all over the world in a funny way. It is like a game or quiz so at the same time you can learn and have some fun.

Get International Driving License

international travel tips

If an international road trip is your dream then find out whether your country’s license will suffice or you need an international driving license.

Not every country accept international driving license but it’s good to have one in case you run into any problem. Usually, car Rental Company gives you insurance but for the license, you need to get an international driving license. Here is all detail about how to get international driving license

Option for Calling Home

If you want to use your cell phone in another country then before leaving check price to text, call or use data. Or you’re planning to use any free app like Skype, Whatsapp for free call or text then sign up or download before leaving.  Also, you can activate your phone global capabilities, usually it charges for doing this but it much less than of roaming charges.

Here is all about things you must do before your next international trip. Hope it will help you and if you have your checklist then share with us in below comment section and help other travelers.

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