13 Important Travel Safety Tips You Need to Know


Traveling can be one of the most exciting and life-changing experience. But getting robbed or scammed can ruin your traveling journey. So before traveling anywhere check out our list of 13 travel safety tips, you should know:

Travel Safety Tips:

Learn Common Travel Scams

travel safety tips

No matter wherever you go there are people who are ready to trick you out of your money. If you’re fortunate, they’ll be Kinda self-evident – however, there are a lot of more cunning, professional rascals out there as well.

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Everybody suppose that they are smart enough to be scammed but it happens. So before you go do some good research about common travel scams at your destination for example broken taxi meter, fake police officer and many more.

This research can help you to defend yourself from being deceived out of hundred or perhaps thousands of dollars.

Try to avoid using Public WiFi

Public Wifi makes it simple for criminals to hack your data stored into your phone, laptop or tablet. However, more than 50% of people use public Wifi while traveling.

I never recommend you to use public wifi despite that it is free. Rather than using public wifi, set your own hotspot and connect your device. For this, you just need a local sim card which you can buy at an electronics store or you can purchase an international sim card.

Travel Insurance

travel safety tips you should know

Travel insurance is something that you never think you need it, until you buy. If you actually concern about your safety and want completely relax while traveling then you should have good travel insurance.

After buying travel insurance I’m not worried about my all travel expenses because if stuff gets stolen then it will get replaced. We all carry some kind of health and property insurance while traveling because shit happens, no matter how smart or careful you are. So before traveling anywhere search some good travel insurance and buy it.

Check the State Department Website

The U.S. Department of state has a page for every country, where you can find all the difficulty and current threat to the security of a traveler.

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In any case, a major admonition for this one: it’s the State Department’s business to warn you about everything that could turn out badly, which is sometimes different to what is probably going to turn out badly.

Only Withdrawal from Banks

Skimming is a common thing all over the world. ATM can easily be controlled and copy the card information unnoticeable. So I would recommend you to withdrawal money inside banks during opening hours because ATM can be manipulated and copy card details easily during off hours in public area like shopping malls.

Learn Local Language

travel safety tips

If you plan to stay longer at any particular destination then I would suggest you to learn some phrase of the local language. It not only enhances your travel experience but also helps to get out from critical situations.

Always remember people who look different, speak differently are first choice of scammer because usually, they don’t know about that place. So try to speak like local or look like local so you can easily immerse in local people.

Make Electronic Copy of your document and mail to friends/family

While traveling to abroad you’ll be carrying documentation. Make an electronic copy of your important document, travel plan, insurance and everything else. Email them to yourself and your family. So you can easily access them by your Smartphone and your friends & family will also know where you are going. In case of any unwanted situation, they can help by contact to local authorities and embassy.

Keep Your Head Up

It is widely known that people who are like less confident, less conscious are more likely to be scammed. So walk like you know everything about that place and stay alert, quick and confident.

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Instead of staring down on Google maps and plug both earbuds while navigating around a new city, try to be more focus and listen to what is going around you. Be aware of your surrounding and take more sights.

Write Down Emergency Number/Info

emergency info - travel safety

Each country has its own emergency number so before you go do quick Google or wiki search and note down all emergency number in your phone or piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. It helps you in worst case, at that time you’ll exactly know who to call and where to go for help.

Ask locals

If you really want to know which places are safe and which are risky to go then ask local because who knows better that place who are living there from year.

For more help, you can check local communities and Facebook group. I’ve found that worker in hotel or restaurant are very good source for local advice. Don’t hesitate to ask to which part is safe to go, how much you’ve to pay for taxi, best place to eat and others as well.

Don’t be too much social

According to the survey “who post agenda or location on social media allows potential thieves to get to know about your path and make it easier for crime”. So instead of posting everything while traveling, wait for until you reach home. Only 32% of people avoid posting agenda or location on social media.

Don’t carry things in your back pocket

Pickpocketing is the most common in a specific area around the world and mostly it happened with tourist. So don’t keep anything in your back pocket like purse, money, card, room keys…anything!

Be Alert in bars

I’m not saying that don’t enjoy while traveling but just be careful. Promoting that you’re around the local area in the midst of a furlough makes you more defenseless to being focused than most others. Watch your beverage, however, watch your barkeep make your beverage as well; not every person is dependable.

So here is the list of 13 travel safety tips that I learn during my journey. If you take care of the above-mentioned tips then I’m sure you’ll never face any safety issue while traveling. Do share it with your friends and help them to stay safe. If we forget to mention any safety tips then let us know in the below comment section.

Until next post, cheers!!!

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