11 Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler


Traveling solo, one of the best part about solo traveling is that you can live the life on your way or terms. It’s engaging to get the chance to find out about yourself and what you need and do that against the backdrop of a lovely nation.

But one of the biggest concern to solo female travelers is safety or convince family and friend that I’ll be ok and stay safe. Maybe some of your friend or family tell you that it will be a bad idea to going out alone into this big and scary world or in corner of the heart you may visualize the worst case scenarios?

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Well, leave all these things because here we come with top 10 safety tips for solo female travelers who want to live the life of their own way, wants to see the world on their own terms. So here we go:

Always Trust Your Gut Instincts

There’s a lot to be said about the intensity of instinct. If something or somebody gives you an uneasy vibe, there’s no disgrace in leaving or saying no. On the off chance that your gut is revealing to you that something doesn’t feel right, hear it out. This sense normally turns out to be more uplifted after some time as a solo traveler.

According to Milou, Explorista – It’s SO important to trust your instincts. If they tell you something is off, it probably is. And at the same time, if they tell you it’s all good, it probably is. It’s never let me down, ever.

According to Katie, Domestiphobia – Politeness is never more important than safety. While the world would be a better place if everyone was thoughtful and kind, sometimes people – especially women – let courtesy override our gut instincts because we don’t want to be rude or be told we’re “overreacting.” But we should always trust our intuition, stop worrying about what other people think, be nice when it’s warranted, and choose safety when it’s not.

Dress Like Local

If you look like a tourist from another country then you would be the first choice of pickpockets or swindlers. So it’s good to do research about local costume before traveling.

It’s good to prevent unwanted attention on the road when you’re traveling alone.

Just Say No

11 safety tips for solo female traveler

Try not to be afraid about the possibility that you will disappoint people by possibly saying yes when it feels right. Your Solo trip is all about you and no one else.

In some cases in bars and lodgings, the gathering attitude to continue drinking and the strain to share in one more round of shots is available daily.

Be in the limit, getting too much intoxicant in a country where you don’t know anyone is too dangerous for you.

If you can then try to quit drinking alcohol completely, not even when you’re traveling alone but at home or everywhere you go.

Talk to locals

11 safety tips for solo female traveler

Make full use of the platform, there are number of online networks to connect female travelers all over the world. You can find open network or group on Facebook and they are pretty good to know about any particular area because here you can connect locals, experts and ask them about safety question.

TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet are just name of few online communities where you can connect locals, other solo travelers, experts and expats. I think these sources are more reliable as compare to travel website because they are more current and appropriate. Apart from that you can make plans of meet up and make new friend.

Apart from online communities you can safety question like which areas to avoid to your hotel employee, local street people, any shop manager or employee because nobody know this better than those people who live there year-around.

Let You Friends Know where you are

Make sure that your family or friends know where you’re at any particular day or time. Try not to out of plan completely for a long period of time.

If you do change in your plan then inform about it to your family or friend by making good use of social media (You can update status over WhatsApp, FB or Insta time to time).

Day Vs Night

11 safety tips for solo female traveler

Early to bed Early to Rise

Plan your trip for the day so try to leave your place early in the morning and come early in the night. I that make your nightlife sucks but you know what more suck followed by a stranger at the isolated road where all shops are closed too.

Before leaving it’s good to check the city timetable. At some of the place, locals town close by 9-10 PM or at some other get closed by sunset.

Pick your Accommodation Wisely

For solo travelers, the choice of accommodation matters a lot. So while picking a place for stay makes sure that the place is safe, have a good locality where you can find help. And don’t hesitate to compromise in money to choose a safe place to stay.

If you’re booking hotel or rent any place on Airbnb or any other online platform than don’t forget to check the review of that place.

Keep Local Emergency Number

11 safety tips for solo female traveler

Always looks up the local emergency number online before leaving or ask to locals wherever you’re staying. There are number of apps are also available like TripWhistle that provide you an emergency number from all over the world.

I hope you never been in such type of situation where you need an emergency number but it always smart to be prepared for any type of situation.

Avoid being forward

There are many countries in the world where a female who is very modern & outgoing can be considered as being forward. That means making eye contact, smiling, super chatty, wearing tight and short clothes can lead you in a serious problem.

People are friendly love to talking stranger and meeting locals on the road but it always good to read the situation and behave according to it because each country has its own culture.


Take off your Headphone

People like me who love to put to headphone in the ear while traveling or walking around the road. It is nice to avoid extra noise and traffic but it also blocks our ability to feel and listen to what’s going around us. And that makes us an easy target.

Research Scams

11 safety tips for solo female traveler

Apart from overcharging & pickpocketing different-2 country and area have a different way to scams traveler. So it’s always good to do some research about the type of scams in that area.

Traveling solo is fantastic, it allows you to take your own decision in different -2 circumstances, helps in your personal growth and independence. While there is no rocket science behind to stay safe, you just need to be smart and follow the above tips.

Happy and safe Traveling!!! Till next post, cheers.

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