12 Adventurous Things to do in Manali (Activities to do)


Manali is one of the favorite holiday destinations in India. It is situated at a height of 2050 meters along the Beas River Valley. There are the number of things to do in Manali for adventure and peace.

Manali is a heaven for adventure lovers with lots of sports like rafting, skiing, zorbing, paragliding, camping, riding and many more. From December to March when snowfall starts in Solang Valley it becomes a paradise for skiing lovers. And during summer when the weather becomes pleasant paragliding, camping and rafting are the best activities to do in Manali:

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Adventurous Activities to do In Manali:

ActivitiesBest time to go
SkiingDuring Winter – December to March
CampingOver the Year – Skip Monsoon Season
TrekkingApril to November
River RaftingJune and July
ParaglidingMay to October
ZorbingMarch to November
Cable Car RopewayThroghout the year
ZipliningMay to October (During Summer)
Rock ClimbingSummer time (April to October)
SnowboardingJanuary to March


skiing - things to do in manali

Skiing takes place in Manali during the winter when the snowfall starts and the entire Manali capped in a beautiful white layer of snow. If you’re not faint-hearted and keen to enjoy the thrilling activities then you should head up to Manali. To enjoy skiing in its best form, head up to high altitude destinations like Solang Valley, Gulaba and Rohtang Pass.

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Best Places for Skiing in Manali:

Solang Valley: Solang valley is the best place for skiing in Manali because here you’ll get the number of tour operator which provides you all the equipment along with experienced and certified trainers. If you’re a beginner then the environment of Solang valley is good to learn and practice your skills of skiing.

Rohtang Pass: Rohtang is another place for skiing in Manali with a beautiful glacier cover. It is one of the best destinations for adventure lovers.

Gulaba: It is a small village situated near (25 KM) to Rohtang Pass. It is another place where you can try a hand in Skiing.

Expected Cost: INR 500 Upwards

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

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camping - activities to do in manali

Manali is a heaven for adventure lovers and camping is one of the best things to do here. Tourists from all around come here for camping. One can enjoy various types of camping for a perfect outdoor adventure; Riverside camping, night camping, trekking camps and adventure camps.

Best Place for camping in Manali:

Solang Valley: Solang Valley is a hub of adventure in Manali. It offers a picturesque view of snowcapped mountain peaks and glaciers. You can come here in any season, this valley always has something for tourists. Here you can get tents and other necessary accessories for camping in affordable rates.

Beas River for riverside camping: Beas river is another popular place for camping in Manali especially for riverside camping. It is the best place for a peaceful outing in the lap of nature with a majestic view of the Himalayas.

Kothi Village, Bhanu Bridge, Bhuntar, Tirthan Valley and Hidimba Devi Temple are some of the best places for camping in Manali.

Average Cost of Camping in Manali: The cost depends upon lots of factors like season, duration, type of camp, inclusion and exclusion. But you can expect the average cost for 1 day is around 1000 to 2000 which includes accommodation, meals and some other adventure activities like trekking, rappelling, rock climbing etc.

If you know how to set camp then you can set up your own camp as well. For that, you need to carry your own tents, toiletries, medicines and food.

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trekking - things to do in manali

Trekking is a form of walking with a specific purpose of exploring a particular destination and enjoying the beauty of nature. It can be done by any person who is physically fit and don’t have any health issue.

Manali is one of the best trekking destinations in India with the natural beauty of the Himalayas, snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, beas river and natural peaks. There are number of trekking trails in Manali which gives you the once in a lifetime experience. From easy to adventure trekking trails, you can enjoy the stunning view of the Himalayas and gorgeous sunrise & sunset.

Best Place for Trekking in Manali:

Beas Kund Trek: Also known as Vyas Kund Trek, is an ideal 3 days trek with a distance of 47 KM and altitude of 12,140 Feet. It takes you to the famous Beas river. Solang Valley is the base of Beas Kund Trek. May to October is considered as the best time to take this trek.

Apart from the adventure and scenic beauty this trek is also famous for its history. According to the legends Saga, Ved Vyas meditated on the bank of this river and wrote the epic Mahabharata.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 3 Days Min and 6 Day Maximum.

Expected Cost: Max 10,000 Per Adult

Bhrigu Lake Trek: It is one of the best treks of India which is located at a height of 14000 ft above sea level. It is a perfect combination of lush greenery and white snow-capped mountains. Bhrigu lake trek is a 25 KM trek that traverses through the beautiful Alpine regions, snowcapped mountains, stunning villages, peak of Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters.

Bhrigu lake is famous for two things; one is the lake which remains frozen for most of the year and the mythology of this lake. According to legends, Saga Bhrigu meditated on the bank of this lake. And also said that many saints and Devtas come here to take bath in this lake.

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Duration: 4 Days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Approx trekking distance: 25 KM

Starting Point: Gulaba Village 22 KM away from Manali.

Best time to Trek: June to September

Expected Cost: 5000 to 7000 INR per adult

Hampta Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Trek, Chanderkhani Trek, Bara Bhangal Trek are some other popular trek in Manali.

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River Rafting:

river rafting - things to do in manali

Rafting is another famous activity to do in Manali. The 20 KM Strech of Beas River in Manali is the most ideal place for rafting in North India. Beas river has the most ideal water for different forms of rafting. The water of the Beas river is suitable for 2 to 3-grade rapids.

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Best Places for Rafting in Manali:

Manaki to Jhiri section near Bajaura in district Kullu is one of the best places to do rafting in Manali. Pridi to Bhutnar is another section for rafting. The water of Beas river is suitable for both beginner and expert rafters. Here you will get lots of private tour operator which provides services for river rafting.

Expected Cost: It can be anywhere between 500 to 2000.

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paragliding - activities to do in manali

Snow-capped mountains, scenic views, lush greenery, forest of deodar trees, stunning waterfalls and the Beas river make Manali a perfect place for Paragliding in Himachal.

Best Place for Paragliding in Manali:

Solang Valley, Fatru, Bijli Mahadev, Kangra Valley and Marhi are some of the best places in Manali for Paragliding.

Expected Cost: 600 to 1500 Per Person.

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zorbing - things to do in manali

Get ready to view the world upside down by wrapped inside a gaint rolling ball. Zorbing is another exciting thing to do in Manali.

Best Place for Zorbing: Solang Valley

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Expected Cost: 500 Per Person

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Cable Car Ropeway:

cable car - manali tourist attractions

Witness the amazing beauty of Manali from 2000 Meters above ground. Cable Car Ropeway is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Beas river, lush greenery of deodar trees, snow-capped mountains and the beauty of the city.

Best place for cable car ropeway in Manali: Solang Valley and Beas River

Expected Cost: 500 to 1000 INR per person

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ziplining - things to do in manali

It is one of the most thrilling things to do in Manali. During the activity, a rope tied around your waist on one end and hook to another which is hooked horizontally between two hills at a certain height and the rope will take you to another end. There are professionals available in case you face any difficulty. Ziplining allow you to witness the beauty of nature with thrill.

Best Spot to do Ziplining in Manali: Solang Valley and Haripur

Expected Cost: 150 to 500 Per Person

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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Rock climbing:

rock climbing

Manali is a perfect place for rock climbing in Himachal because of its stone element which offers shades, chunks and dividers. It is one of the activities which challenge your physical strength. In starting it seems bit difficult but once you in it, it becomes more liberating and easy. There are many private tour operators in Manali who arrange all the required accessories at affordable rates.

Best Place for rock climbing in Manali: Solang Valley, Marhi, Rohtang, Gulaba and Dhundi

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

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Similar like skiing, snowboarding is another popular snow activity in Manali. It takes place at a higher and steeper mountain. And to balance yourself you have to use your feet.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Places for Skiing in Manali: Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass

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Try Local Food:

things you should know before traveling to india

Manali is famous for its adventurous sports, snow-capped mountains, picturesque beauty, lush greenery and snow but one thing every tourist should try in Manali is its local Himachali Food. From the local street to authentic cafes and restaurants, taste some delicious Himachali dishes. Madra, Red Rice, Dhaam, Masala Chai, Tudkiya Bhath, Babru, Kadhi Chawal, Sidu and Bombay Bhelpuri are some of the best food to taste in Manali.

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Visit Ancient Temples:

Manu Temple
Image Credit: Holidify

Apart from the Natural beauty Himachal Pradesh is also famous for its temples like Jawala Devi Temple, Hidimba Devi temple and Manu temple are names of a few. And most of it located in Manali or near Manali. If you are a spiritual person and architecture lover then should visit temples like Hidimba Devi and Manu Temple. These ancient temples in Manali is a symbol of the rich and diverse culture of Himachal.

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