5 Mysterious Unidentified People from History


We lived in 21st century where everything is possible but if someone told you that there are some people who become world famous but still unknown than obviously, you won’t believe them, no one believes.

But there are some famous but unidentified people in history. How cool and iconic it is to be famous and yet still be unknown.

Here is the list of 5 Famous yet Unidentified People in the history.

1. Mysterious Man in Iron Mask

unidentified mysterious people from history

There was a captive arrested in around 1669 who was dammed in various jail under the custody of the same jailer. He was kept in jail for almost 34 years.


A man who held in a jail for almost 34 year but no one knew who was he, no one has ever seen his face due to hidden by a mask of black velvet cloth. On 19th November 1703, he died under the Marchioly.

There are the number of stories about him but neither of one actual confirmed his identity who was he and his face behind the mask. It’s a mystery evaded even famed philosopher Voltaire and writer Alexander Dumas.

Some historians consider that the mask man was the twin brother of Louis XIV. Through the research, Sonnino found that Dauger was velvet for the treasure of Cardinal Mazarin and who was the principal minister of France during Louis XIV early life.

2. Jack the Ripper: Unidentified Serial Killer

unidentified mysterious people from history

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Around 1888 five prostitutes had been brutally murdered by a serial killer but who was he no one know about him.


In 1888 police and media received many letters from a person named ‘Jack the Ripper’, he writes in letter that he had killed many prostitutes. Eventually, during these days, five prostitutes had been murdered.

The killer cut down their throats, abdominal and took out their internal organs. Some people consider that the victim has been good knowledge about surgery.

Attacks ascribed by Jack the ripper generally involved female prostitutes who worked in the slums of East End of London.

During the investigation police did not found any clue about him or who was he? Why he targeted only prostitutes? And there many other questions never answered and this case still a mystery.

3. D.B Cooper

unidentified mysterious people from history

On November 24, 1971, a man who called himself Dan Cooper hijacked a plan by warning of having a bomb in his briefcase.


On November 24, 1971, a guy called himself Dan Cooper reached northwest Airlines to flight #305 in Portland bound for Seattle. He was wearing a dark black suit and tie.

After some time when plan takes off he warn the waiter that he has a bomb and hijacked the plane and warn them to accept his demand of 200k in cash, four parachutes and food for the crew after releasing all the passenger.

After that, there was only three pilots and one attendant with him in the board. After 45 minutes of take-off, Cooper sent the attendant to the cockpit while donning the parachutes and ties the beg full himself with money. And he jumped into the night somewhere north of Portland.

During the investigation of Cooper police found $5800 money at the north of Portland on the Columbia River, these notes match with the serial number of money which was given to Cooper. After an investigation of 3-year police did not find single information about Dan Cooper.

4. The man from Taured

unidentified mysterious people from history

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In 1954 a guy landed in Japan on Tokyo International Airport. In the next morning the man vanished mysteriously without leaving any trace behind him and never found again.


In 1954 a man landed at the Tokyo International Airport, during checking of passport by the guard they found that the country name written on his passport does not exist on map. When security asks him to point out his country on the world map then he put his figure on Andorra country.

But he said that his country name is Taurus and which is existence from 1000 years or he had never heard about Andorra before that while security also had never heard about Taurus.

But during checking of his passport, driving license they found that all stumps on his identity cards are real and approved by other countries also.

Then on the basis of doubt, they sent him to the nearby hotel and left 2 officers outside the room to keep eyes on him. But in the next morning, that man disappears mysteriously and never found again.

This incidence all the complexation of the parallel universe theory and forced to think again to them who denied the existence of the parallel universe

5. Green Children of Woolpit

unidentified mysterious people from history

In 12th centuries there were two children suddenly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk. And both of them had unusual green skin.


In 12th century, two children brother and sister, suddenly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk. Both of them had unusual green skin and spoke the unknown language or ate only beats only.

Villager accept both of them and after some time they learned the English language and started to eat other foods as well. And the green color of their skin gone with the time.

But after some time the boy got sick and died.  When people asked that girl about where they come from then the girl claimed they came from the place called St Martin Land.

People get shocked because that is located under the ground. Where everything is green and the sun never shines. Nobody found that place.

Here is the list of 5 Mysterious Unidentified people from history, hope you like my list. If I missed anything then let us know in below comment section and also tell which one is your favorite!!!

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  1. Scribbling Geek says

    Most analysis I read conclude Cooper probably died from the jump. Doesn’t really explain why the money was recovered but not the body, though.

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